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Here the Feasibility Study of the Sammasati Project, formerly known as The Last Resort

The Feasibility Study for The Sammasati Project (formerly The Last Resort) is now complete. In mid-September, with Maneesha having returned from Australia to settle in the UK, core group members met to discuss our feedback. Our ideas, along with those sent by others who were at the meeting in South Devon earlier this year, were discussed and incorporated as appropriate into the Feasibility Study.

The suggestion to use a ‘phased approach’* seemed the way to go. An idea of starting such an approach with a training (for those wanting to be the support person for those sick or dying), came in after the meeting in South Devon but, happily, arrived in time for it to be included as one option in the Study. It was this option, in fact, that presents as the most ‘doable’ – being almost virtually risk-free and costing little.

Simant, Amitabh, Shruti, Yatro, Satyam, Pratito and Maneesha
Simant, Amitabh, Shruti, Yatro, Satyam, Pratito and Maneesha

Maneesha has extended the project’s reach to include those who are seriously ill and who may be supported back to health or through the dying process. She explains this in the article, The Greatest Gift, in which she also introduces the Training.

The year-long Training as a Sammasati Support Person will be available from early 2012 to those who are familiar and in tune with Osho’s vision of living and dying and his methods. Potential participants will have an interview with Maneesha; on completion of the Training each participant will receive a ‘Certification of Participation’. We will be working towards gaining accreditation for the Training so it will be designed with this in mind, for example including assignments and required reading etc.

We will let you know more details about the Training in the very near future, and as soon as possible we would like to know who’s on board. The Training will be offered at as low a cost as possible, for the first year, in order to create a foundation of trained people as soon as possible.

To conclude: We feel that with the Feasibility Study, the resulting decision to use a phased approach which starts with the Training, along with the creation of the new name, this project has made an inspirational move from a vision towards reality.  Many ideas are potential under The Sammasati Project ‘umbrella – for example, a Friends of Sammasati group, fundraising (and funraising!) ideas/events etc.

This Project is ambitious, but clearly, it has taken on a life of its own and is gathering momentum. Many Osho lovers are needed to maintain its growth so do send us your suggestions (including how they might be implemented!), and offers of involvement. For our part, we will keep you in touch as things unfold. Currently we are engaged in getting this information out to you, organising the Training, advertising, finding suitable venues, and conducting research related to the proposed website.

Feel free to connect with me if you have any ideas/questions

Much love
The Sammasati Project
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* We see The Sammasati Project, starting – as already noted – with the Training, which will in turn enable us to offer an Outreach Service. Then, as finances allow, we would like to establish a Training Centre (initially we can use rented premises), then expand that into a Wellness Centre, which could later incorporate a small hospice. Finally, of course, it may be that we can see the realisation of Osho’s suggestion to have a section in a hospital where meditative support is provided for the dying.

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