Insights Topic: Death — 13 January 2012

A video of Maneesha talking to Revati before she left her body

The experience of being with Revati in the months before she left her body was hugely inspirational in prompting me to set up The Sammasati Project (aka OSHOsammasati). She was a meditator until the last, actually sitting up meditating as she drew close to leaving her body. There was no discernible change as she moved from meditating into ‘dying’…. I feel immensely honoured to have been with her.

Maneesha is one of our collaborators. She is now based in London and along with an ever-growing team she is creating the OSHOsammasati CIC. Based on Osho’s vision the project is a support for those wanting psychological and/or spiritual support in health, in sickness, on the road to recovery or in passing through dying. Currently Maneesha provides workshops and individual sessions worldwide. –