The Throat Chakra: Romancing the Stones

Healing & Meditation

The fifth chakra under scrutiny by Sohana

The Fifth Chakra, the Throat Chakra, or vishuddha as it is called in Sanskrit, determines how we express our thoughts creatively. It is located in the throat at the base of the neck just above the sternal notch at the level of the collarbones. It is essential to express ourselves honestly if we want to have a healthy, balanced Throat Chakra.

The color and properties of the 5th Chakra

Sky Blue is the color of this chakra that is related to creativity, manifesting in the physical world and fulfilling one’s goals. The greatest need of this chakra is to be surrounded by beauty, and to have control over one’s mental abilities. The Throat Chakra is concerned with expression, voicing thoughts, feelings, emotions, poems, invocations, rituals, speeches, and prophecies.

Lying violates the body and spirit. All choices we make in our lives have consequences on an energetic level. Even choosing not to make a choice such as in repressing our anger (not speaking out) may manifest into laryngitis. We have all experienced that ‘lump in our throats’ when we are at a crossroad of not knowing how to speak the right words in any given situation, perhaps even stuffing down our own emotions.

A challenge of the throat chakra is to express ourselves in the most truthful manner. Spiritual Lessons of this chakra are confession, surrendering personal will over to divine will, faith, and truthfulness. The areas of the body governed are the throat, thyroid, trachea, neck vertebrae, mouth, teeth, gums, esophagus, parathyroid and hypothalamus.

Energizing the Throat Chakra

When I lead a workshop, I always choose to wear a necklace that strengthens and opens the Throat Chakra. Aqua Aura is one of my favorite gemstones for this purpose. It is actually Quartz Crystal that has been processed under heat and pressure with Gold vapor. Normally, I would not recommend using a treated stone but Aqua Aura is the exception to that rule. It is very energizing and stimulating; not only does it strengthen the Throat Chakra but it helps me maintain the high level of energy needed.

Gemstones that stimulate, cleanse and energize the Throat Chakra are Chrysocola, Lapis, Blue Opal, Aquamarine, Turquoise, Sodalite, Kyanite, Blue Calcite, Aqua Aura, Larimar, Blue Halite, Blue Sapphire, Blue Topaz and Opalized Obsidian.

Ways to strengthen and clear your Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra can be energized by gargling with salt water, singing and even screaming. There is something joyous and liberating about singing in the shower and now you know it is also healing.

Affirmations for the Throat Chakra are: “My throat is clear and open, my voice utters truthful words” and “I express my deepest truth gracefully, respectfully, and confidently.”

The hatha yoga position called the Fish is good for opening this area.

Food and drinks that aid the Throat Chakra are the following:
Liquids in general: water, fruit juices, herbal teas
Tart or tangy fruits: lemons, limes, grapefruit, kiwi
Other tree growing fruits: apples, pears, plums, peaches, apricots, etc.
Spices: salt, lemon grass

5th chakra jewelry by Sohana
5th Chakra jewelry by Sohana

Jewelry for the Throat Chakra

The Visionary Jewels creations in the photo show gemstones that energize and strengthen the Throat Chakra. The first on the left has a pendant of Peruvian Opal with an Emerald and a necklace of Peruvian Opal, Aquamarine, Crystal and Citrine. Peruvian Opal helps us to go with the flow and to express emotions in a loving, truthful way.

The necklace in the middle has a Turquoise pendant and four pieces of Turquoise in a hand-carved silver necklace. Turquoise is protective and calming. It can help release heavy metals from the body. It helps us speak our truth and align with the Universe.

The necklace on the right has a pendant of Opalized Obsidian and Citrine with Citrine, Amethyst and Crystal beads. Opalized Obsidian is very cleansing and also absorbs negativity. Combined with Citrine and Amethyst it is a powerful aid to speaking one’s truth and being in Spirit.



Sohana is a Reiki Master and kinesiology practitioner as well as a jewelry designer; thus her healing work is reflected in each piece. She is American and has traveled widely, living in India and has now made her home on the magical island of Bali. Sohana still travels the world lecturing about gemstone therapy, teaching kinesiology classes and exhibiting her latest jewelry designs. During exhibitions, she demonstrates the empowering effect of gemstones using kinesiology. – visionaryjewelsbysohana

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