No iPhone Confessions Says Vatican

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Vatican quick to point out that iPhone cannot be used directly for confessions

The Vatican media office must have been alerted by our recent widely-read article iPhone App Receives Blessings By Pope.  Vatican Spokesman Father Federico Lombardi was quick to point out that “such digital aids, which might be useful for some, cannot possibly substitute for the act of admitting your sins to a priest.”

Direct line not allowed

It was further pointed out that “the holy rite of confession cannot occur without a direct dialogue between the penitent and the priest, which cannot be replaced with any electronic means.” Of course, the priests would run out of business real fast if iPhones were used …

“I am against the whole business of priesthood. I want you to stand face-to-face with God without any priests, without any priesthood. God is yours, you are God’s; there is no need of any mediator. The function of the master is not to become a mediator between you and God. Just the contrary: the function of the master is to withdraw all that comes in between you and God. He himself at the last point withdraws; between you and your God he stands no more. He stands only to a certain extent, while other things are being removed. When everything else is removed, he removes himself; that is the last thing the master does.

And the moment the master removes himself, he no longer stands between you and God, that is the moment you know that the whole existence is love. It is the stuff called love that the universe is made of.”

Osho The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha Vol. 4, Ch 2, Q 3

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