Horoscope March 2011


Your horoscope for March 2011 from Sitara

Pisces - Aries

Sun 10° Pisces – 11° Aries
Moon 27° Capricorn – 13° Pisces
retrograde from 31st
13° Pisces – 24° Aries
Venus 29° Capricorn – 6° Pisces
Mars 5° – 29° Pisces
Jupiter 8° – 15° Aries
16° – 14° Libra
Uranus 29° Pisces – 1° Aries
Neptun 29° – 30° Aquarius
Pluto 7° Capricorn
Chiron 1° – 3° Pisces
North node 0° Capricorn – 26° Sagittarius
Full Moon, 19th 18.11h GMT 29° Virgo
New Moon, 4th 20.47h GMT 14° Pisces

Mood of the month

Turmoil and social unrest have already announced the big cosmic event of the year: Uranus in Aries demands with flying colors to move towards freedom. Explosive situations abound, everywhere the time is ripe for renewal. Especially those who where born at the beginning of their sign sense that change is clearly in the air.

Those who introduce a change are usually better off than those suffering it; that’s why it is worth to risk new steps courageously. For now nothing is final, but the beginning of ending an unhappy situation becomes possible. Everything that’s basically stable and good will renew itself, yet remain. But everything that has long since been questioned or been restricting, is doomed under this constellation.

Time-honored institutions and thought structures need to be radically curtailed if they are to continue to have substance in the Age of Aquarius. In science there will be unexpected breakthroughs. As Uranus in Aries has quite a belligerent side to it, let’s hope that these don’t just affect the military field. In any case, there will be no lack of excitement over the coming 9 years. The impulse for freedom will be further fueled by the North Node in Sagittarius, but it also reminds us that any new horizons without ideals remain meaningless.

The opposition of Jupiter and Saturn in late March completes a development that began in May and climaxed in August. It will encourage us to remain balanced and prudent during this time of radical change.

Aries: For the first time in your life Uranus enters your sign and starts putting your life upside-down. This renewal process does not end until 2019. Uranus won’t continuously create excitement, but the restlessness in the years to come will be higher than before. In March, Mars in Pisces will help you to safely and nimbly swim through the starting upheaval. Movement is important, but don’t let anything incite you. Take continuous care to balance your energies, and to rest and sleep regularly.

Taurus: Uranus provides openness and the joy to experiment, while Jupiter adds optimism and Saturn grounding, all of which is the ideal mix for undertakings of all sorts. Trust your ability to implement creative changes realistically. Only at the end of the month will Neptune start befogging you – and clear decisions will be difficult now. Instead, Chiron may seize you with world-weariness. Do not push it aside, but also don’t identify with him; welcome it as a sign that your heart is able to let itself be touched.

Gemini: Many new ideas combined with a burning for action – actually ideal. But now you quickly lose the creative distance thus allowing yourself to be dragged into action – by others or yourself – much too soon. Your key words are moderation and neutrality. Impatience and eagerness, however, will set in motion a downward spiral from which it won’t be easy to extricate yourself again. Do get enthusiastic, but don’t immediately jump onto any bandwagon. Observe your favourite projects for a while before you devote yourself to them completely.

Cancer: 18 months of training in growing up are behind you and now you are ready to play a new role in life. This month is about finally saying goodbye to all dreams and to arrive on factual grounds. Life is not meant to keep up Edenic conditions over a long time. The paradise of our imagination is only a replica of our true nature. As you set out to discover that, you depend less and less on fleeting states of happiness.

Leo: Two thirds of this month are about finishing old business and structuring whatever is left in a new way. Seek to define yourself afresh and get out of conventional thought patterns. By the end of the month you will be able to decide about new projects with more freedom and independence. But be alert and stay clear of any power struggles, because now it is not about being right. Remain flexible and open to other points of view and stand by your tolerant and intelligent attitude – do not let yourself be squeezed into a corset.

Virgo: What is love? What is compassion? This month is about opening your heart in a different way. You can now receive a taste of unconditional love. This love is not something you give or take. It radiates because you realize that your very essence does not differ from the essence of others. If you imagine that in all that you meet you are facing yourself, the boundaries between you and others that make life so tough become indistinct.

Libra: Even with the best arguments and most clever moves, you will now run into walls. During the first half of the month use your talent for compromises, be fair and act in a balanced way. In the second half of March you might find yourself all too quickly in the role of an outsider or victim, i.e., you are coming to the end of your tether. Let others sit on the throne and be content with a more modest position. Take a deep breath and let go – it’s just a game within the bigger game of life, and nothing wrong will happen to you!

Scorpio: Disputes can be useful but they are often a waste of time and energy. For the moment it is better to put your time and energy into something constructive. Even if others or circumstances bar your way, you can usually continue to work on your project – just in a different way than you had imagined. Don’t give up, plod on, but adjust to the situation and make the best of it. Detours sometimes happen to make you aware of something that you would otherwise overlook.

Sagittarius: The North Node in Sagittarius opens up 18 months of great opportunities to find your vocation, and Jupiter grants you an optimal start. Important: Share with others instead of taking it for granted that others know what you want or think. At the end of March recapitulate the past year. Even if some things took a little longer than you had wished for and not everything could be fully accomplished, you now have a solid foundation – at least if you have taken other people into account.

Capricorn: As in February, during the first half of March co-operation and sharing take priority. From then on give special attention to the way you communicate so that no disturbances are created. If you haven’t quite understood the other, check back instead of pretending that you have everything under control. In the second half of the month observe yourself in order to find out to what degree you are including your environment in your deliberations. Seek stillness and balance, which is easiest when you take your intentions less important.

Aquarius: A fiery Aquarius?! We will experience more than one in the coming years. The pace picks up, your inner pioneer will get a boost. This will finally add impact to your analytical and planning abilities and to your inventive spirit. Yes, you are allowed to act! You may assert yourself and help shape reality. Only that which is supported by the whole has a chance of realization anyway. So put your energy into it and try it out! The end of the month is about committed devotion to love and friendship.

Pisces: Like so many others you are now also experiencing a new beginning which is yet to gain momentum. You have more energy than usual and many good ideas – even though you won’t be always understood. Try out new ways of communication. If you can’t explain yourself, write a letter or an email. Don’t give up if it doesn’t work out immediately. At the end of the month you are very receptive to loving togetherness – unfortunately also to rosy daydreams… Enjoy meeting others here-now and let the future take care of itself.


Sitara became a disciple of Osho’s in 1979. She has settled in Germany and for 12 years now, has been writing the horoscopes of the German Osho Times. Astrology has been her passion since childhood, and she has published several books on the subject. She gives personal sessions and also over phone or skype. Moreover, Sitara offers spiritual counselling as well as end-of-life care free of charge. She is currently writing a book about traditional advaita vedanta for Western seekers. astro-sitara.de

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