One Hundred Tales for Ten Thousand Buddhas by Dharm Jyoti

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Unique recollections of Dharm Jyoti’s life with Osho. Review by Bhagawati.

One Hundred Tales for Ten Thousand BuddhasJyoti never planned on writing a book – however, it was on her 22nd sannyas birthday in Pune in 1992, that she went to Buddha Hall after evening discourse for sannyas celebration. As she was dancing, she suddenly felt a sensation on her third eye centre: “It was the same experience I used to have in energy darshan with Osho….” During the night she experienced a door being flung open and past memories came rushing out, like the unwinding of a film reel. This continued throughout the next day, and on the third day she had the strong urge to write down every memory that came up – and all revealed itself in the present tense.

Hence this book is a supreme here and now experience!

From the moment I hold her book in my hands I am riveted. Reading these precious stories I feel part of the scene, her descriptions are vivid and so expressive. It touches me immensely to get glimpses of Osho in everyday life, the conversations between Osho and Jyoti, the simple interactions between master and disciple; and how the master works with every situation…

She travels with Osho for years throughout India during the time he conducts the meditation camps and gives discourses. There are such endearing moments when Jyoti pours him a cup of tea and Osho tells her a story. Jyoti says, “The way Osho narrates a story is so unique, one can visualize the whole scene as if it is happening now before you. And at the same time, it has some subtle meaning for you, if you can get it.”

These precious recollections span the time of her first meeting Osho in Bombay to the day he leaves his body and show the tremendous love, trust and devotion of a disciple to her master.

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Dharm JyotiDharm Jyoti is one of Osho’s earliest disciples and has lived most of her life since then with Osho. She has been translating and editing Osho books from his discourses. She is based in New Delhi and travels regularly to conduct meditation camps at St. Petersburg in Russia, Denmark, Germany and in different parts of the USA. She has been leading the essential meditation groups Mystic Rose, No-Mind and Born Again.

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