Pratiksha: Expressing the Inexpressible

Art Gallery From Pratiksha Apurv's desk

Pratiksha Apurv has emerged as one of the prominent and acclaimed painters today in India; she is Osho’s niece.

Whirling - acrylic & oil on canvas, 2010, 48" dia
Whirling - acrilic & oil on canvas, 200, 33x33"
Transcendence - oil on canvas, 2010, 60" dia
Cosmic fusion 2, 2008, Oil on canvas, 48x48
Cosmic Reality, oil on canvas, 2010, 48x48"
Ultimate Truth - acrilics on canvas, 2007, 36x68"
Let Go - oil on canvas, 2010, 48x48"
Cosmic Harmony - oil on canvas, 2010, 48x48x48"
The Open Door - oil on canvas, 2009, 48x36"
Ambition - oil on canvas, 2009, 54x42"
Awareness - oil on canvas, 2009, 72x48"
Quantum Leap - oil on canvas, 2009, 48x36"
In Silence - acrylics & oil on canvas, 2007, 40x30"
Intimacy - acrylics & oil on canvas, 2007, 40x30"
Totality - oil on canvas, 2010, 54x42"

Pratiksha Apurva has been recognized as one of India’s major contemporary artists. Admirers of her art are many, among them former Prime Minister Vajpayee. Upon inaugurating her solo show ‘Spiritual Odyssey’ he said, “Pratiksha, I would like to bow to you. I was not aware of your talent and did not know of the quantum of work that you have created. Your creations are thought provoking. Please continue your search (sadhna).”

She said that for her second series, ‘Spiritual Odyssey,’ which was first exhibited in Mumbai, she was inspired to paint Osho’s wisdom on canvas to the general acclaim of art connoisseurs who sense a spiritual fragrance when they look at the paintings.

Pratiksha’s ‘Spiritual Odyssey’ collections have been exhibited in major cities around the country, including 7 solo shows designed and created for spiritual-art lovers. In November 2010 Pratiksha launched her ‘Reflections’ series of paintings in New Delhi, which was inaugurated by Union Minister of India Sri Virbhadra Singh. It was Pratiksha’s 8th Solo show and she dedicated it to the eternal journey in solitude and its reflection in every aspect of our lives.

Pratiksha works without formal training, using color and images intuitively: “I don’t know how to define the technicalities and process, as I’m not much aware about cuts and other art theories. I just love to paint whatever strong thoughts I get in my mind.’’

Another one of her exhibitions was called the ‘Upanishad Collections’. Former National Security Advisor Shri Brajesh Mishra inaugurated the show and said, ”Pratiksha is depicting the life philosophy on the canvas and challenging the world to understand it.”

Her art reflects her deep experience with meditation and silence. She explores the middle path, the importance of balance in everyday life. She says, ”It’s important to live with the inner and outer world. Material and spiritual can co-exist through meditation.”

While painting shlokas of Upanishad (Ancient Indian Scripture) Pratiksha knows how to bring life into this simple arrangement of Sanskrit words without disconcerting its chanting qualities. She knows instinctively how to turn the traditional poems of the Vedic sages and saints into real and living beings. Through precise touch of brush strokes and use of vibrant colors, a completely new dimension in spiritual art emerges.

Last year, Pratiksha’s painting ‘From Sex to Super Consciousness’ was selected for India’s most prominent national exhibition organized by Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi. Seeing Pratiksha’s work as a fresh wave in contemporary Indian Art, Eminent Professor & Dean of M.S. University Baroda, Prof. Shailendra Kushwaha is conducting research on her paintings. Apart from the research paper, the thesis will be published in book form.

“Every one of my paintings is an effort to express the inexpressible and to offer a glimpse of ‘what is’ to any potential seeker regardless of their conforming to any stream of religion or path.”

PratikshaPratiksha Apurv is Osho’s niece, daughter of Vijay Bharti. Born in Gadarwara, Madhya Pradesh, she took sannyas at age 11 in Pune and also lived in Rajneeshpuram. At the peak of her career as a famous fashion designer (she launched her acclaimed label Oshonik in 1990) she suddenly felt a calling to paint, to give expression to her inner growth. She lives in New Delhi.

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