Isness as Usual at Croydon Hall


Yatro writes just back from the Osho Spring Celebration at Croydon Hall in Somerset UK

It was with a certain amount of trepidation that I went this time to Croydon Hall for the Osho Spring Celebration. Croydon Hall is now under new management and the Osho community there as it was no longer exists, although a few sannyasins still live and work there.

We have been having large, juicy Osho meditation and celebration weekends there several times a year for at least six years. Would there be the energy for these to continue, I wondered?

I wasn’t intending to write an article about this celebration but at the end of the three days was inspired, as I wanted to let people know how beautiful it still is to be there.  Of course the infrastructure is gorgeous, plus the energy we have created together there over the years; that legacy remains. But more than that, I found once again that whenever sannyasins and friends are gathered together a phenomenal energy is created.

I won’t go into the programme, the food, the company, the music – all excellent as usual. We did have quite a bit of sunshine too, if not summer temperatures.

On a personal level I felt I tasted very deep spaces in the meditations and was really touched by the whole weekend. In the farewell circle lots of people shared similar experiences.

Manu, the drummer in ‘Presence,’ spontaneously commented to me, “Yatro, what a great weekend, eh? And everyone had so much doubt about it. Better than ever!” And gave me a double thumbs up.

The new owner and manager are totally supportive of our continuing with these weekends and really wish us to do so. They appreciate the special energy that we bring to the place.

So, it’s ‘Isness as usual.’

The dates for the coming Osho Celebrations at Croydon Hall are:
July 28 – 31, Sept 15 – 18, Dec 15 – 18.

The photos accompanying this (more to come) were taken by Allan for his personal use, but he was happy for them to accompany this article.

Text by Yatro

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