Manolis Rasoulis (Swami Deva Parinito)


Manolis Rasoulis (Swami Deva Parinito) Greek songwriter / singer has passed away on 5th March

Manolis Rasoulis (Swami Deva Parinito) Greek songwriter / singer passed away on 5th March in his Thessaloniki home from a suspected heart attack. Apart from his lyrics, Rassoulis was a well-known public figure in Greece as a singer, writer and journalist. During his long career, spanning almost four decades, he put out over 20 records and eight books.


Rassoulis was born in Crete in 1945. His first public appearance was as a singer on Manos Loizos’ record “Ta nergika” (The songs of the blacks). He had a highly personal songwriting style, combining traditional and modern elements with his idiosyncratic and off the mainstream views on society and life. During the military dictatorship he moved to London, where he lived for six years and joined the Trotsky movement. There he first met Vanessa Redgrave with whom he collaborated twice in political performances. In May 1968 he took part in the students’ uprising in Paris and returned to Athens shortly after the Polytechnic students’ uprising that paved the way for the collapse of the junta. He took sannyas in 1978 and introduced Osho to Greece by translating Osho’s discourses The Hidden Harmony: Discourses on the Sayings of Heraclitus. He resumed his singing career shortly after his return to Greece, in a collaboration with composer Manos Loizos, but his later collaboration with Nikos Xydakis made his name a household word in Greece. Other collaborations included composers Stavros Kouyoumtzis, Socrates Malamas and Christos Nikolopoulos, who put his lyrics to music. Since March 2000 he had mostly been living in Spain.

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