Voyages — 23 March 2011

Deva Prem left her body today, 23th March 2011

Deva Prem
Deva Prem 4
Deva Prem 3
Deva Prem 2
Deva Prem younger cr Nimi


From Teerth and Mega: “Our beloved friend Deva Prem passed away today. Beautiful heart, beautiful soul. Fly high beloved……♥

From Mukam via Mega: Ma Devaprem took sannyas in 70’s and lived in Brooklyn, New york. She was an incredible face painter and a crazy sanyasin. She had breast cancer! We NewYorkCity sanyasins were in hospital with her, dancing and singing while she was passing away! It was most amazing, yet very profound event for me as I have never seen anyone dying. I felt to share this video with you! Love

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Beloved, I see you dancing in the light. How wonderful to have met you, a bubbling heart full of joy, your deep love for Osho, our ‘hanging-out’ times in Pune… all this I remember dearly and hold close to my heart. You were one of a kind, Deva Prem, Divine Love… and those gorgeous earrings we both liked a lot! I loved your face/body-paintings, wonderful expressions of your playful spirit, butterfly woman. I will miss the giggles and the wiggles of our hips as we danced and sang along. And all those times we stood in awe, feeling the Mystery that holds us all. Fly high beautiful one, love, always…

Devaprem! What did you go and die for? I never even knew you were ailing. Dear funny cooky Devaprem…

Two memories stand out: Standing on the corner of Central Park South outside the Plaza Hotel, waiting and waiting for a rendezvous with you that never happened. And then an hour later finding you in the park under a bridge, painting children’s faces with the bright colours of the rainbow. We spent the day there running back and forth with sandwiches and mugs of coffee while you wielded brushes and produced demons and goblins and fairies from these giggling youngsters’ faces.

Another one… several years earlier in the Pune Resort, while I was working in Creative Arts you came up with this fabulously witty skit for our Variety Show, in which, in mock satire on the long hours and the rush from one thing to another in working meditation, you peeled off layers of clothing for each part of the day, from day clothes to maroon and back to day and then on to white robe, so that by the end, sweating and exhausted with stripping you were sitting, eyes shut, breathing into the breath of our beloved Osho.

Thank you, dear one, for being such a bright shimmer in my life. Bon voyage!


Joyful journeying, beloved Devaprem. Yes, that was a wonderful skit, with all the layers of clothes!