Angels in Boots: An Adventure to Yourself

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Viram tells us about his life and publication of the book ‘Angels in Boots’

Angels in BootsA book with the intriguing title “Angels in Boots” has been published in Mumbai, India. Written by Swami Viram, according to him it is a book beyond rules and regulations and the power of the unreasonable.

Viram says, “Where most of the literature on fitness, cooking and wellness stop, is where ‘Angels in Boots’ is starting. I wrote the book from my own experiences working with different people from all over the world. It contains unique and practical information about exercises and emotional fitness, how to shop, running blindfolded, food as cosmetics and – meditation. It describes the feminine approach of bringing depth and humor to people’s well-being and fitness.”

“With most of my clients I have a long-lasting and personal connection. Our lives, ways of working, relating and relaxing are surrounded by rules. We are ruled by rules and people don’t come to me to receive more of them. My approach is to infuse Osho’s vision and my own experiences into training sessions. These sessions are simple and practical, and include cooking, fitness, running, different body sessions, feng shui and meditation.”

He added that “The book also contains stories about my life, the various journeys I made from New York to Pune, and from Kyoto to Barcelona. Lots about dance and meetings with unique individuals.

“The very best part that happened in my life was getting connected with Osho and taking sannyas. I didn’t know anything about Osho until a friend told me to go to Pune. According to her this was where the best dance center in the world was located. Though I had never heard about Pune and Osho, I trusted my friend, took the plane from New York to Bombay and stayed for 7 years!

“May this book be an inspiration for all Osho lovers, dancers, body workers, cooks, athletes, business people and for all those who are ready for more femininity in their life. Femininity with roots that will take you on an adventure. An adventure to yourself.”

ViramA professional dancer in New York, Viram came to Pune in 1993 where he lived and worked in the former Osho Commune international as a cleaner, kitchen worker, and gate guard; he also taught dance and Qigong. Nowadays he is leading groups and offers a variety of custom-made consultations, including Feng Shui. He lives in Bloemendaal, Holland when he’s not traveling.

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