Book Reviews — 28 March 2011

Dr. Azima has written a book on his life with Osho.

La mia vita con Osho - Azima - cover

Azima has written a lively, intimate and informative account of his experiences with Osho. La mia Vita with Osho (My Life with Osho) flows like an adventure story, taking us from his early years in Palermo, where he grew up, to India, America and beyond. The book is a moving account of Azima’s spiritual journey, his relationships and his understanding of the role of the disciple.

The book made a deep impression on me and taught me many things. I was especially touched by Azima’s descriptions of his arrival in Pune I, his first meetings with Osho and the powerful feeling he had of having finally come home after years of searching.

Through this story of initiation and transformation, Azima shows us the nature of the contemporary spiritual path and the challenges we meet on that path. He provides a deep understanding of meditation and the many techniques Osho created for greater self-awareness.

David Hey, Osho News

AzimaMany of us met Azima (Vincenzo Rosciano) after he had taken sannyas in 1978 and had become a great cook in Deeksha’s kitchen. This was before he became one of our doctors in the Health Centre and even before he ascended to ‘Doctor Azima’ fame, when he became one of the characters in the jokes Osho told us during his discourses. His has specialised in Homoeopathy and Bioresonance and has published articles and books on these subjects. Azima has also published CDs for meditation and healing.