Horoscope April 2011


Last month’s perception of a new beginning increases; until mid-May at least five of ten planets are always in Aries

Aries - Taurus

Sun 11° Aries – 10° Taurus
Moon 13° Pisces – 15° Aries
retrograde till 23rd
24° – 15° Aries
Venus 6° Pisces – 12° Aries
Mars 29° Pisces – 22° Aries
Jupiter 15° – 22° Aries
14° – 12° Libra
Uranus 1° – 3° Aries
Neptun 30° Aquarius – 1° Pisces
retrograde from 9th
7° Capricorn
Chiron 3° – 5° Pisces
North node 26° – 24° Sagittarius
Full Moon, 18th, 2.45h GMT 28° Libra
New Moon, 3rd, 11.33h GMT 14° Aries

Mood of the month

Last month’s perception of a new beginning increases; until mid-May at least five of ten planets are always in Aries (plus Lilith) and in April they are joined by the new moon. In order to have a positive effect, this immense energy requires our presence of mind. Along with retrograde Mercury we must take all our statements, decisions, all insights and all assumptions with a pinch of salt before we can trust them. Most of us tend to be impatient and jump to conclusions.

Others feel overtaxed by the pace demanded of them now, fearing their lives will soon end up in desperate chaos. Chiron and Neptune now in Pisces as well, increase the feeling of helplessness faced with a faster and faster spinning world and burgeoning violence cropping up in many places. Fortunately, Jupiter in Aries is encouraging, and Uranus helps to clearly oppose the demands of others. At the same time, Saturn reassures us to wait and not to follow every impulse immediately.

To handle all these various dynamics intelligently is a genuine challenge. On the one hand, we must face the situation and act, and on the other we must let go and surrender to the natural laws and universal order. Our foremost task is now to strenghten the trust in ourselves and in life. Meditation, nature, prayer, flowing movements in fresh air will help, as well as times of rest and retreat alternating with times of action and interaction. Consider a simple, healthy diet and don’t shy away from supporting and protecting those who are in need.

Aries: An April of incredible potential! Just be aware not to blow all your fuses. Saturn keeps on trying to slow you down, reminding you that harmony and cooperation are values worth appreciating. Every now and then, just take a deep breath and look around to check whether those you imagine being behind you are actually still there. Always keep your communication flowing and allow yourself to be carried by the wave of your enthusiasm and inspiration; renew your approach, your visions, values, and your philosophy of life.

Taurus: Compared to most other zodiac signs, the first three weeks for a Taurus will still be calm. You can therefore allow more depth, from which you will benefit from the 20th of April onwards. Then the energy increases, there is more excitement, but also more inspiration and more power. Now is a good time for changes – which may shake you up a little at first, but will soon give you a broader foundation, enabling you to accept and enjoy life with all its facets. The only danger: To initiate dramas because you can’t let go.

Gemini: You are now itching to start new projects. Yet Mercury is still retrograde, and many things are still half baked. Beware of wanting to create hard facts. First of all rather reflect, check and prepare. You are being given plenty of useful suggestions which you can work out in May. During the preparations keep two things in mind: 1. What gives meaning to my life? 2. Look around for suitable partners with whom you can implement this in real life.

Cancer: The collective energy-high may activate your relationship issues. Don’t manoeuvre yourself into the role of a victim, rather take things into your hands and wrestle for necessary changes. In general, the first half of April is an appropriate time for launching long term projects. Don’t expect fast results, but powerful efforts will be worth it. Use the second half of April to create more balance between your own needs and those of others. Silently sitting together often dissolves muddled situations in no time.

Leo: The exceptional energy-high benefits you particularly in the first half of the month. Yet pause time and again to check the situation, otherwise, Saturn might pave your path with stumbling blocks that would force you to stop. From full moon onwards, the impatience lets off, the river flows more evenly and it becomes easier for you to act in accordance with the forces of a higher order. Also, the needs of other people become more urgent. Be creative in finding ways how everybody might profit from your actions.

Virgo: Virgos will be quite irritated by this month’s upheavals. You can’t keep up yet and therefore you will quickly feel overrun. Don’t let this disturb you and don’t even try to understand the bigger picture. Just keep looking out for the next adequate stepping stone and plod on. Thus, you will make the best use of the high energy in order to give your life a more creative direction. In the last third of April things calm down and you will be able to find your quiet clarity again.

Libra: For Libras, the commotion in Aries, their opposite sign, ranges from exciting to even stressful. On the one hand you now want to preserve, create order, structure and security, yet you also long for overthrow and a new beginning. Be clear: What is your own need and what are others’ expections of you? Make only small concessions. First and foremost look after yourself, yet rigidity can be dangerous. You tend to balance other people’s bias by going to the other extreme. That won’t help now.

Scorpio: Since challenging times are no problem for you, coping with the energy rush in spite of a certain tension will be quite easy. In the course of the month, however, the situation becomes more acute, so that the commotion might get on your nerves – particularly since you are often hampered by the impulsive, unreflected moves of others. Belligerence on your part will unnecessarily stoke up people’s emotions. Search for an intelligent solution. By the end of April you will also become aware that others’ motives may be friendly even if they annoy you.

Sagittarius: The giant wave carries you off while presenting you with a wealth of new possibilities. Get going and seize your opportunities, but don’t lose your head. Share with others before flinging yourself into any arbitrary adventure. Moreover, don’t stick to the surface. Nothing against fun and contest, but there is much more to this month’s energy: Commit yourself to something higher that gives a deeper meaning not only to your life, but to the lives of others as well. Jupiter strengthens trust, justice, magnaminity, and freedom – give him a hand with it.

Capricorn: Meditation and deep relaxation will make for plain sailing through the month. At the moment you might have a hard time keeping the strings in your hands; take a deep breath when once again something doesn’t run according to plan, then have a close look at the situation, act, look once again, make corrections etc. In the second half of the month you tend to be impatient and to make radical steps which often lead to more problems than solving any. Step out of the present situation again and again to obtain a different perspective and a clearer assessment.

Aquarius: You’ve been lacking your crystal-clear Aquarian perception for so long that you‘ve gotten used to it. This year something ends that has been determining your life since 1998. Over the past 13 years, your sensitivity, your receptivity and capacity for surrender have grown and have added a precious aspect to your personality. Now, Neptune leaves your sign and instead, Uranus’ spring thunderstorms dispel your over-idyllic ideas and its lightnings shine into many a dusky corner.

Pisces: The current vortex sees to it that your life goes topsy-turvy. Many concepts from recent years take leave – which on the one hand embellishes your life and relationships, but also makes you lose the overview. Many landmarks are suddenly no longer valid. Over the next few years you will meet yourself in a way that fulfills your deepest longing, for when only that dissolves which you mistakenly identify with, can you find who you really are.


Sitara became a disciple of Osho’s in 1979. She has settled in Germany and for 12 years now, has been writing the horoscopes of the German Osho Times. Astrology has been her passion since childhood, and she has published several books on the subject. She gives personal sessions and also over phone or skype. Moreover, Sitara offers spiritual counselling as well as end-of-life care free of charge. She is currently writing a book about traditional advaita vedanta for Western seekers. astro-sitara.de

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