Worldwide Osho Meditation Intensive

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15-21 April, Dynamic – 22-28 April, Kundalini – 29 April- 5 May, Osho Evening Meeting

If not now, when?

Most of us intend to meditate. But not today. Later, when we have more time for it. Or when we are more in the mood. But the time never comes. You might as well start now if you want it to ever happen. Or on 15th April, that’s Friday, the start of the worldwide Osho Meditation Intensive.

It is certainly held at Osho Garden in Portugal at these times:

15-21 April, daily at 7:00 am: 7 days Osho Dynamic Meditation
22-28 April, daily at 5:15 pm: 7 days Osho Kundalini Meditation
29 April- 5 May, daily at 6:45 pm: 7 days Osho Evening Meeting

Osho Nataraj Meditation

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