Jokes — 24 June 2011

Berlin dog supports vegans

In a recent bizarre event in Berlin, a scuffle between an animal rights activists and a Berlin bratwurst seller was settled abruptly by the intervention of a German shepherd dog.

A local sausage seller with a portable ‘shop’ was minding his business at the Schlossbrücke in central Berlin, idly watching a demonstration by animal rights activists filing by. Suddenly two of the protesters approached him and attempted to put vegan stickers on his grill. Hendrik Z. got upset: “Of course I had to stop that,” he said. “I have nothing against vegetarians but I don’t let anyone force their opinions onto me.”

He didn’t have much luck with his protest, as one of the guys – tattooed and sporting earrings – allegedly pushed him to the ground and kicked his leg.

Another passerby tried to help settle the dispute, but this man’s German shepherd dog got all wound up and bit the vendor on the backside while he was struggling to get up. He was obviously rooting for the vegans; meanwhile the attacker disappeared in the crowd of the demonstrators.

“A dog is perfectly aware of who he is…instinctively aware of who he is. He is not seeking his identity. You have never seen a dog with an identity crisis. They don’t have any psychoanalysts and they don’t have any therapies – nothing. They are simply whatsoever they are.”

Osho, The Passion for the Impossible, Ch 27