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Swami Nirakar died in plane crash 17th July 2011

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From Prakash we hear that Nirakar died in a plane crash in Oregon on 17th July, together with Tom Bradley, who was also a pilot. Nirakar has been living at Harbin Hot Springs in California and many might know him from his time in Hawaii where he lived 15-20 years, in Maui.

Vimlan informs us that there will be a celebration of Nirakar’s life on 12th August at the Harbin Temple with Peter Makena singing. The following day his ashes will be spread from a plane across Crazy Creek Airport where he spent most of his free time.

Some words form Nirakar to a friend in grief:

“Wishing for you that you can remember yourself as the silent peaceful presence that is unconditionally observing and accepting whatever (….) is going through right now. You are the mysterious phenomenon of life, consciousness, love. Same as your friend who passed away. Please don’t misidentify him with his temporary body / mind / personality, don’t consider him gone: he is right here now. As the life that you are and also as all the temporary life forms surrounding in all four directions. Same silence, same peacefulness, same acceptance everywhere. Perhaps try to be open and celebrate life as it is right now, without the veils of memory.”

Nirakar’s bio in his own words:

This life has been lived in uncompromising and fierce determination to find answers to the questions that arose at age 14. Witnessing the ‘death’ of my brother I decided to use my life to enquire about my self and life. Who was he? Who am I? What happened to him? What is life about? What is death?

It’s been an absolutely amazing adventure! Beautiful beings and teacher friends have helped this life unfold. Now sharing its gifts is the greatest delight.

Academic Background
My academic background consists of three years of studies in Education, Psychology and Germanistic (Literature) at the University in Hamburg, Germany. Pursuing an academic career wasn’t really what I was looking for in life; I skipped the final exam and spent the next two years studying Social work while being an educator with ‘delinquent youths’. I earned a Diploma (BA) in Social work at the School for Social work in Zurich, Switzerland.

During this time I began to dive deeply into the Humanistic Psychology movement and continued my self exploration by participating in Primal, Gestalt, Encounter, Bio-Energetic, Tantra, Meditation and Massage groups.

I continued participating in Group Therapy explorations and again studied Psychology and Special Education at University Zurich for the next three years while also doing a three-year Psychoanalysis Training. I felt fiercely determined to succeed in my life’s quest. After ‘accidentally’ listening to an audiotape from Osho entitled “Therapy is a Function of Love”, I left everything behind during my final semester in Zurich and went on to be with Osho in India.

That was in 1976. During this time I began to dive deeply into the Humanistic Psychology movement and continued my self-exploration by participating in Primal, Gestalt, Encounter, Bio-Energetic, Tantra, Meditation and Massage groups.

Since 1994 I have been living at Harbin Hot Springs integrating massage with De-Hypnosis and NLP – thus sharing my life’s gifts doing Integrated Body Work. In 1991 I had the good fortune to meet Gangaji and Eli in Maui, Hawaii, and during 1992-1993 I received over 500 hours of instruction in Hypnosis and NLP participating in Eli Jackson Bear’s Leela Therapy Trainings.

1980-1988 I was a staff member and trainee at all of Jeru Kabbal’s APT (Accelerated Personal Transformation) Institutes in India, Germany, Holland and America, practising DeHypnotherapy. During two of these years at the APT Institute I had the opportunity to study “Bodywork and the Subconscious Mind” with the Swedish master bodyworker Ashika. After that I spent a year facilitating 50 Gestalt, Primal, Encounter, Tantra and Massage groups in Osho Meditation Centers all over Europe.

For a period of six years I attended workshops of Bob Moore’s International Group for Healers and Energy workers. In 1977 I had received a 9-month training in Massage, Energy work and Group Facilitation by Anne Parks in London. Meeting my master Osho and spending altogether four years with him and six weeks with Papaji (Sri H.W.L.Poonja), transformed my life completely.

In 2005 I completed 6 levels of training at the Hypnotherapy Training Institute of Northern California with Marleen Moulder and Randall Churchill and became certified by HTI as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, and by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners as a Hypnotherapist. And in November 2007 I followed an invitation to live and work for a season in the lakeshore resort Villa Sumaya at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.

Flight Training
In 2000 I had begun flight training and earned the Private Pilot License for motor planes, and one year later the Private Pilot License for Gliders (Sail Planes). In 2003 I obtained the Tailwheel Endorsement and began aerobatic training in motor planes (Super Decathlon). In March 2005 I earned the qualification to fly competitions in the Primary Aerobatic Category and August of the same year I qualified for the Sportsman Category and experienced my first flights in the Pitts S-2B!

On March 18th 2006, at age 59, I flew the Pitts S-2B – after only three hours in it – during the ‘Frost Bite’ Mini Fest Competition in Reno/Stead in the Primary category and finished in second place….

During the winter month 2006/2007 I extended aerobatic training and practiced some of the Sportsman category maneuvers with gliders and learned to fly aerobatic sequences in the glider trainer ASK 21.

In April 2007 I had my third training with Rich Stowell in the Pitts S-2B and qualified to fly the maneuvers of the Intermediate Aerobatic Category! And in fall that same year I began to learn the maneuvers of the Advanced Category. Slowly the flying hours are adding up and the Commercial Pilot and Commercial Glider license come within reach…. Nirakar has fallen in love with the Pitts!

On November 23rd 2009 the Commercial Glider rating was obtained. Still working on the Commercial Single Engine Land rating.

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Beloved Nirakar, Fly high my friend. We met for a very short time in Poona in 1989, my baby Chetan was almost 1 year old and we had such a good time on your motorbike with you. You were protective and I felt taken care of for the first time in many years. Never my sleep was so deep and relaxed, you were always so loving and sensitive, a real man with real purpose in life. I learned so much from you and most of all your presence made me have faith in men again; meeting you was a confirmation that men could be the heroes I was looking for in my life. So long my friend, I know you´ll have a great time with all the masters. Love you 4ever,

Nirakar told me when I first went to him for massage that i had ‘a light’ inside of me – in fact I was pregnant with my son (who is now 10)!!! My husband Tom and I continued a relationship with him for 11 years. We adore Nirakar and have never found another like him on so many levels. I am pained that I won’t see him on this side – I have joy that he left doing what he loved and I know that he was not afraid and embraced it. He means so much to us words seem not to be enough. I am better human for knowing him. Fly my friend fly…

I feel very blessed of being very close to Nirakar in his last months. He often shared with me, what deep bliss and silence he is experiencing. He told me that he has reached everything possible in this life and prepared himself intensely for the final departure. Enjoying life every moment, but also ready to leave this physical appearance at any time. And he left doing what was his greatest passion… now forever soaring in the eternal sky. What a great being, what a beautiful soul, what a teacher! Namaste,

Nirakar, Perfect. So grateful that existence provided such a caring individual when I needed a little compassion. Massages were therapy. Nirakar’s massages are unsurpassed. Sparkle and depth. Handsome and humble. Nirakar, a hardy blossom who opened himself to others. BeLoved.

Nirakar, knowing that you are perfectly fine, still I miss you soo much. You have been one of my best friends – a connection beyond words.

Dear Beloved Brother lover, I just found out about your passing today. I will always cherish our deep and beautiful time together, such precious moments of love and connection. I remember when you sat me in the middle of your living room floor and you combed my hair, such tender kindness. I will miss you dearly. I knew you would leave this plane flying. Your great love,

I know much time has passed…but I just learned of Nirakar’s transition in 2011. I was looking for him because I had the most profound bodywork experience with him back in 1999, and thought it might be good to reconnect. That session changed my life. The experience of peace that awakened in me has stayed with me, if not always as a felt sense, as a possibility, a remembrance. It was the first time in my life I had ever experienced that level of peace, of empty presence. So I had to say that to someone…hearing that he passed away. I just wanted to share this memory of the gift that he offered me.

Thank you very much for this article. I stumbled upon it while doing some “research” on the occasion of Nirakar’s birthday on Feb. 14. I am Nirakar’s niece and was so lucky to meet him for just once, half my life ago now, in Harbin when I was 15. I had never met him before and never saw him again afterwards, yet the short time we spent together was one of the most intensive periods of my life. He was a joyful and wise man and I am so thankful for what he left in my soul and what keeps me connected to him. Thank you, my dear uncle (who is two uncles for me)!

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