Ashubodha Leaves His Body On His Own Terms


Ashubodha decided to leave his body at Dignitas in Switzerland

We have been sent a letter by Ashubodha which he prepared in view of his decision to leave his body yesterday, August 23, 2011 at 4 pm at Dignitas, in Switzerland.


This is going to be much shorter than I had planned it to be, because time is running short. As you must know I had a car accident almost eleven years ago that left me paralyzed from the chest down and in a wheelchair. I’ve been keeping things going here successfully all these years at great effort, and now my health has taken a turn for the worse. There is so much pain and I´ve become so weak, that I´ve decided to be freed of this ailing body on Tuesday, August 23rd. I´ll make the transition at the Dignitas apartment in Switzerland at 4pm local time. It’s time to hang up my coat and return it to the physical world.

I´ve been dancing so close to the edge these past months, risking being placed in a hospital, where I’d probably end up drugged and on life support until I expire. Living wills (Patientenverfügungen) are not respected here. I’d rather go in a relaxed and joyous way, as Osho says.

From the moment I got everything arranged with the loving, beautiful people at Dignitas, so much light has entered my life. I’ve found a way out, and as my lovers around me know, my humor and lovingness have broken through the surface again as nothing stands in the way from me jumping out of the frying pan and into the holy fire. What a relief. The lightness has returned, and I can enjoy life again.


Carina, my partner, Sneh and Ramaprem, Miten, Garimo and Swiss Ma Viramano will all be there to give me a good send off. (The lengths I have to go to get my friends all together in one place!) I don´t feel as though I´m really going anywhere, that nothing dies, and I feel we’ll continue to be together, you and I. I’ve been so blessed to have spent so many years in Osho’s physical presence, and to have learned to still be feeling his presence. This will not change. You too, remain in my heart and that will continue to be. I go in love and gratefullness.

I’m joyfully jumping into the holy fire, and choosing to do so among some who have a healthy attitude towards death and dying.

Nothing more to say.


Swami Anand Ashubodha


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Brilliant. A liberated soul. A delight to read. Another one at last piercing through the woods of self-realization. Happy journey brother, happy journey. Blessed the master who has such worthy disciples. My joyful wishes from the snowy peaks of the Himalaya in Almora, India. From your Gurubai,

You’ve said it all dear friend. You left on my birthday and will be held in my love always. Such courage to leave gracefully, surrounded by friends in a loving field, you still contribute and share your love, and dignity…. I feel deeply touched by your letter. Your loving friendly smile will be close by for ever. We’ll play together in the world beyond again for sure. Bliss.

Tears in my eyes… and much much respect and delight for this courageuos, loving and clear soul. Fly high!

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