International Reunion in Munich


Programme of the Event and the story of Mega who had initiated similar events in the past

In Munich, Germany, preparations abound for an ‘International Reunion’ from October 1-2, 2011. The venue will be the Chinese Tower in the famous Englischer Garten (English Garden) and coincides with the Munich Oktoberfest. Much beer and bliss will flow! Mega – many of you folks will remember him as a congenial rebel throughout the times – had the marvelous idea to call up upon old friends from all over the world to fly into Munich for this event.

How it all came about

Thirty years ago, Mega initiated a similar event (October 26-27, 1981) called ‘Bhagwan’s Bavarian Buddhafield’ after returning to Europe from Pune. It was widely reported in the German press, including in Der Spiegel, and about 1,500 sannyasins participated. Shortly after that, in November of the same year, the ’Orange Connection’ was celebrated in Berlin, initiated by Gurudas, the center leader of Vihan, with about 2,000 sannyasins showing up. This time, bets are there will been many more!

I asked Mega to let us know a bit more about his drive to create such gatherings and he said, “I flew out of Pune after Osho left for the USA. I had just enough money for a one way ticket to Munich and 100 German Marks in my pocket. Musician friends from the Rajneesh Rock Band asked me to organize some gigs for them in Europe…and I told them yes, I would see what I could do as in the late 70’s I had already arranged a 3-day party for them in Goa.

To cut the story short, I got a whole bunch of sannyasins together and we created a company called ‘Satori Musik Gesellschaft’, and were able to raise 120,000 German Marks in donations (a miracle in itself) to set up this 2-day festival called ‘Bhagwan’s Bavarian Buddhafield’. Before we got started, our Munich crew went to Amsterdam in July 1981 to participate in the ‘Full Moon Affair’, an event organized by Veeresh from the Humaniversity to learn how it was done.

Fast forward to October: It was a scandal! The Bavarian Press went wild and so did the authorities. Pune had become notorious after the movie Poona, and the allegations by actress Eva Renzi that she had been raped in a therapy group; surprisingly she came to our festival! From the Mayor’s office to the Chief of Police everybody was on alert and our event was headline news for days.

And to top it all, two days before the celebration we were offered to take over a discotheque as the owner had read in the press that sannyasins like to dance – and that became the first sannyas disco in the West called ‘Disco Orange’ and because of this (and another job on the side) I could make my living between 1981 and 1986.

When Osho came back to Pune after ‘The World Tour’ I returned to India where I lived on and off until 2006 when after getting married in 2005 in Pune I finally shifted to Basle, Switzerland.

The idea for this reunion came from the fact that many of us don’t visit India so often anymore, so why not all meet in Munich – 30 years ago we had a blast – so imagine the excitement 30 years later!”

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1st October (Sat) – day ticket 15€ – weekend ticket 30€

8.30h Dynamic available with Premtirth at Jivamukti Yogacentre (5€) or Osho Leela Centre (5€ plus Brezn breakfast)
How to get there: for details check on or

11h Meditation Flash Mob at Odeonsplatz near Marienplatz
How to get there: – U3/U4/U5/U6 Odeonsplatz

12.30h Osho Friends Meeting at Chinesischer Turm in Englischer Garten (if rain Klangheilzentrum is open)
How to get there:
– U3/U6 Giselastr. plus 10 min.walking
– Tram 17 Tivolistr. plus 3 min. walking
– Bus 54/154 Chinesischer Turm

16h Sing and Chant with Anugraha and Friends at Klangheilzentrum, Ötztalerstr.1b, 81373 München
How to get there: – U3/U6 Harras, a few min. walking

18.30h Osho Videodiscourse at Klangheilzentrum (KHZ)

21h Free entrance to Rupens Jalla Party at Völkerkundemuseum, Maximilianstr.42, 80538 München
How to get there:
– U4/U5 Lehel plus walking
– all S-Bahn(city-train) Isartor plus walking
– Tram 17/19 Maxmonument little walking


2nd October (Sun) – day ticket 20€/Disco extra 8€

8.30h Dynaymic with Premtirth at Jivamukti Yogacentre (extra 5€) or Osho Leela Centre (extra 5€ plus Brezn breakfast)

10h Satsang at KHZ

12-14.00h Bodywork Clinic with Saarangi and Friends at KHZ (30/60 min. sessions for 20€/40€)

15h Path of Love Event with Jayant at KHZ

17h No Dimensions with Sufi Sam at KHZ

18.30h Presentation of The Womb Meditatiobn Centre Thailand with Pranesh at KHZ

21h Final Disco Dance Celebration at the Loft behind Ostbahnhof with various DJs (Mahendra, Rupen,…), Friedenstr. 22, 81671 München
How to get there:
– U4/U5 Ostbahnhof
– all S-Bahn (city-train) Ostbahnhof

For further informations please contact one of the organizers in Munich:
Mahendra: – Tel. (0049)-(0)89-395575 – general info
Saarangi: – Tel. (0049)-(0)179-6751075 – helpers & general
Yashen: – Tel. (0049)-(0)8178-908698 or mobile …(0)1728-302010 – reservation tickets
Ramabajan: – Tel. (0049)-(0)151-10784821 – accommodation

Story by Bhagawati
See the slideshow of the MedMob at the Odeonsplatz in Munich
Read Samai’s article: Sangham Sharanam Gachchhami and watch the slideshow of the Gathering in the English Garden in Munich

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