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Global 1 TV makes available many spirituality-related videos

Global One TV has developed into a very appealing site, making available many spirituality-related videos, showing historical footage, discourses, interviews and talks, as well as a variety of posts. They refer to themselves as ‘The World’s Largest Spiritual but not Religious Television Network’. As Eric Allan Bell, the founder of this site says, “The common thread is inquiry – not a common belief system, not membership in a group and not to follow me or anyone else.” This refreshing attitude is reflected in the numerous postings.

Also Osho videos are included as well as access to OIF’s OSHO Online Library. I just came across a very recent upload that I enjoyed very much – ‘Om Namaha Shiva’ by Sheila Chandra (from an album published ten years ago) – with an introduction that reads:

Creation and Destruction are the same thing, but called by different names. Shiva, metaphorically, is that aspect of the Divine which is both Creation and Destruction – the Cosmic Dancer who dances the Universe into existence and non-existence at the same time and outside of time.”

Sheila Chandra’s voice is enchanting, clear, and sounds effortless; the video shows good visuals. Surprisingly there was no photo of Osho… I noticed that Sheila Chandra’s CD is called Roots and Wings – as is an early book of discourses by Osho from June 1974, later published as A Bird on the Wing…

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