MedMob at the Odeonplatz in Munich


Updated Programme – Reunion of sannyasins and friends in Munich 1st and 2nd October (Sat+Sun) 2011

From Marina the first photos of the event (it’s the MedMob at the Odeonsplatz) with the following comment: “It was a beautiful session. I could sense how a soft energy globe of light, love and peace was building up above us. And it kept growing larger and larger, gently beaming outwards. It was quite noisy around us during the first half an hour (pedestrians laughing and talking, tourists shouting, children running, bells of horse-drawn carriages. i.e. Oktoberfest in full swing) but from then onwards our group seemed to have an effect on the environment – it got noticeably calmer and serene. A lovely initiative!”

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Read here How it all came about that Mega organised the Gathering (and programme)
Read Samai’s article: Sangham Sharanam Gachchhami and watch the slideshow of the Gathering in the English Garden in Munich

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