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A glimpse of Osho in China despite the government’s attempts to ban him – by Veena.

Just thought I would share this little surprise I had this morning. Some of you might know I have spent many months in the past few years meditating on Song Mountain in Henan Province in China. This is where Bodhidharma sat in a cave for 9 years and then gave Zen – a fusion of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism – to the world.

Ibo, Veena and kung fu master at the Shaolin Temple in China
Ibo, Veena and the kung fu master at the Shaolin Temple in China, at sunrise

I have become friends with many Chinese and western people there, particularly a young guy called Ibo who now loves Osho and, being an internet whiz kid, has found many links to Osho in China although the government there is very against him so things have to be mostly ‘underground’. Ibo skyped me this morning and gave me the following link: user.qzone.qq.com

This as a quote from Osho about living and dying, translated into Chinese of course. The woman whose personal website this is, writes that she is interested in Osho and his words and says he is a great ‘teacher’. The irony is that the woman is the mother of one of Ibo’s English students (his English is so good that he teaches English to young kids) who has become a good friend but neither of them knew that the other was a fan of Osho!! Now he says he will contact her and they can talk about him and Ibo can tell her what his experience has been after meeting me and Panky and then reading about Osho in both English and Chinese. (I took some books for him and the other western kung fu students to read. They have all become interested.)

Interestingly, again, it is the intelligentsia involved. The woman’s husband is the director of one of the biggest banks in China. Because they are rich they are very cultured and educated people which Osho of course appeals to. This personal website goes to all the woman’s friends.

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