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Can we save our planet by protesting and demonstrating?

The late George Carlin was well-known and loved for his humoros and brilliant criticism of modern American society, and he also frequently commented on contemporary political issues. Raised a Catholic, he became an atheist and in interviews would often describe the flaws of organized religion. In his last stand-up special Carlin quipped about the differences in the types of hats that religions ban or require as part of their practices, and joked he would never want to be a part of a group which requires or bans the wearing of hats.

In another very unorthodox show he took on ‘Saving the Planet’. This subject is very dear to a majority of the population of the so-called civilized world and many efforts have been made to improve the state of our Earth, with demonstrations and petitions for numerous related causes, and many e-mails garnering support and commitment circle the globe on a daily basis.

Well, George Carlin ‘takes the piss out of it’ so to speak and we are showing you his take here which was sent to us by Sitara.

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However, this excerpt from a discourse might come as a revelation to you as Osho speaks about saving the planet in a very surprising way.

A disciple had asked, “To realize your vision of global transformation and the New Man it seems that meditation, love, commitment and action are all necessary.”

Commitment is not necessary, because commitment is bound to become old; it will not correspond to the fresh moment. Commitment is a slavery to the past. And action you don’t have to do. If your heart is full of love, full of compassion, full of meditation, action will happen. When action happens on its own accord it is such a beautiful flower. Instead, you force yourself with unnecessary burdens – responsibility, commitment, action – and you don’t understand that the global crisis is so big and you are so small, what action can you take?

I don’t have any responsibility, I don’t have any commitment, and I don’t have any action to do to save this beautiful planet – these are unnecessary burdens. Enjoy the moment, grow into your consciousness, be more spontaneous, more compassionate, more loving – no commitment, no great megalomania of saving the whole planet. Rejoice in it, and out of this rejoicing, action comes – again, as spontaneous – you don’t have to act.

“Sometimes it feels difficult to move into activity.” Not just sometimes, you will always feel difficulty in moving into activity. But a pure action, uncontemplated, suddenly grips you… and you are not doing any charitable work, you are simply enjoying it.

If we can make more people lovable, celebrating, more spontaneous, the global crisis can be avoided. But don’t take it seriously, be playful about it. If existence wants this planet not to exist, who are we to prevent it?

Every day stars disappear into black holes and every day new stars are born from white holes. One thing has to be remembered, that anything that is born is going to die. This planet has been here for nearabout four thousand million years. Perhaps it has become old, perhaps nothing can be done to save it. It needs rest, and death is a rest.

But I’m not saying that you should work to destroy, I am saying that, while things are alive, enjoy, dance, sing, love. Perhaps even the old existence may feel to let the planet live a little more. Make it as beautiful as possible, so existence itself feels that it has to be protected. You cannot protect it, but you can create the condition in which existence will feel sad to destroy the beautiful flowers, the beautiful people, the beautiful trees, great heights of consciousness.

So my way is totally different. I am not a pacifist like Bertrand Russell who thought that by protesting, creating pacifists we can save the universe. No protest can save it, no pacifist can save it. Only one thing is possible: your making this universe more and more beautiful, so beautiful that existence becomes absolutely incapable of thinking to destroy it.

Osho, Hari Om Tat Sat, Ch 12, Q 2

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