My respects to you

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (10)

My respects to you.

I was waiting for your letter when it came.
I really want your life to be filled with light,
for you to surrender yourself to God.
God and light are always close by.
It is only a matter of opening one’s eyes
and then what is ours becomes ours.
The distance is just that of
between the eyelash and the eye –
and perhaps not even that much;
the eyes are always open only we don’t know it.

Osho in the garden

There is an old story:
A fish had long heard stories about the ocean.
She began to fret about it
so one day she asked the Queen of Fishes:
What is this ocean and where is it?
The Queen was surprised. She said:
The ocean? Why, you are in the very ocean itself!
Your very existence, your very life, is in the ocean.
It is within you.
The ocean is your everything,
but for the ocean, you are nothing.

For this very reason
the fish couldn’t see the ocean!
And for this very reason
we are unable to find God.

But he can be found –
by being empty.
In the state of emptiness we meet him
for God is emptiness.

I am in bliss,
or shall I say –
Bliss alone is and I am not!

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