The trip to Rajnagar was blissful

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (11)


My respects to you.
I received your letter, I was waiting for it.
The trip to Rajnagar was blissful.

Religion robbed of the spirit of yoga has become
A matter of morality only, thereby losing its soul.
Morality is negative.
Life cannot be based on negation,
negation cannot nourish life.

Osho giving a lecture in the open

The emphasis has to be on attainment
not on renunciation.
It is not a question of renouncing ignorance
but of attaining understanding,
it is this that has to be central.
Practise has to be positive
and this sadhana can happen through yoga.

In my talks with Acharya Tulsi,
Muni Shri Nathamaljee and others
I have stressed this point.
Many letters have come from Rajnagar and Rajasthan
in this connection;
as you have said it seems
some fruitful work has been accomplished
by going there.
One thing is very clear:
people are eager for a spiritual life
and current forms of religion do not satisfy them.
If however the right religion is given to them
it can revolutionize human consciousness.

I think of you.
May God grant you peace.
My love and regards to all.

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