Ma Sagar from Germany


Ma Sagar from Germany left her body in Pune on 14th November 2011

Ma Sagar

Sagar used to live in Germany and was originally from Romania. She had survived breast cancer and recently discovered that the cancer had come back (in the liver). Aware of death approaching she decided to fly to Pune where she arrived a little over a week ago.

The send-off celebration started with her body being carried into the Auditorium of the Osho Meditation Resort for a short celebration and then carried through Koregaon Park to the burning ghats where it was cremated. Several music group songs such as ‘It’s High Time to Dance’, ‘Walk into the Holy Fire’ and chants of ‘Osho!’ accompanied the celebration.

Sagar was known for her Divine Healing sessions which she has given since time immemorial. And she will be remembered as a good friend, a wise woman, always ready to help, taking walks through Koregaon Park(she was a regular morning walker in Osho Teerth Park), and sometimes coming to the Resort to dance…

Thanks to Mahana, Baul, Premin, Jagdish, Azkia for info and photographs.
Updated 5.8.2020: taken out reference to video and embedded video on YouTube as they have been taken down or are unavailable for embedding on Osho News


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Remembering you very well from Sambodhi, MA and the wonderful times there. You always reminded me of a Tibetan sage. Fly high!

Memories of Pune always include the presence of Sagar.
Sagar eating fruit, chatting, wearing the lovely clothes that suited her slim form so well.
Sagar told me everything is as it should be.
Sagar, you are always a part of me and I am always a part of you.
In loving sannyas,

A legendary presence and appearance has left this planet and her body. Thanks Sagar for having been around, sharing your smiles, your wise words, and the ever ready support when needed… Fly high love… Sending you a smooth journey home!
Antar Rasal

Love the Divine Healing session we used to have, always felt stronger after having your beautiful sessions… Sending you much love! Have a wonderful journey!

Love to you Sagar… Deep Soul as your eyes were and still they are!

It’s been more then twenty years I helped Sagar buy the flat in Popular Heights which overlooks the river and the burning ghats near the commune. Since then she became a friend and during these last twenty years I watched her every few days enjoying her walk around the streets of Koregaon Park. Just about four months ago she stopped me suddenly and invited me to the same apartment and expressed so much gratitude; I even jokingly asked her if she wanted to sell the apartment back to me to which she laughed and replied that she would stay there till she goes directly to the burning ghats – and she did exactly that! I realised today, after seeing her death celebration, how much she gave me and people around her: so much joy and gratitude. She always had a gracious smile and her being to me felt as light as a feather. Thank you beloved for your lovely presence and… Have a wonderful journey!

My Dear Sagar, I was waiting for you to come back from Germany. Since the last 15-20 days I was constantly remembering you, unfortunately we could not meet. You use to called me ‘My Beloved’. I will never forget our evening walk on the River side and the Healing sessions we used to have. Thanks for being a part of me. Thanks for your Divine Love. I wish you a wounderful journey. Love you.
Sanyogita Chauhan

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