On the other shore


A poem by Buddhaprem

There in early morning’s sunshine-light
Falling over dawning, virgin lands,
Is a man across the riverside,
Calling us and waving with his hands.

We, still drowned in dreams and unaware
Do not hear this lonely man ashore.
Only some wake up and here and there
Someone’s walking, trying to hear more.

window with flowers

But this river is so wide a-part,
Like an abyss, hard this man to see.
Still some people feel deep in their heart
Maybe this man, he is meaning me!

Then some gather, try to find a boat,
Or some means to cross this unknown stream.
And this man is waving like a scout
And it seems like he would scream.

No one crossed this stream alive before
And this few are scared and tumbled
“Who knows what will meet us on that shore”
As they searched some of them mumbled.

Some tried hard this calls to understand
Something like “come over, lovers…
Come, my Buddhas, see this unknown land”
They did hear, so they told others,

And then, suddenly a rainbow came,
Stretching over all this river,
Touching them within a colored flame.
And they walked on with a shiver.

Others, who woke later found them gone,
And they searched in all the places,
But they never ever found back one,
Abruptly there stopped their traces.

Poem by Buddhaprem

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