Expression of Wonder


Premananda celebrates wonder and awe through his camera

A photograph is an expression of Wonder.

My experience of Wonder that provoked me into recording an image is not the same Wonder you may experience in viewing it. It’s not even the Wonder it might evoke when we see it again today, tomorrow, the day after … if it is Alive, and we are Alive, the experience is different each time.

My first camera was a Kodak Box camera, then an Instamatic. My first darkroom a passageway in a cold attic, the enlarger an old bellows camera. My earliest joys were seeing an image appear from the paper – just to have anything work was a Wonder! My parents dutifully appreciated my efforts, framed and hung some on the wall. Their experience of Wonder was so different than mine, as was the experience of visiting friends who were subjected to viewing my childish creations.

Today the technology is greatly changed. One can set a digital camera on automatic and usually something will be recorded, good enough to post on Facebook or Twitter. Friends will Like it. The next day it will be forgotten.

My aim is to create an image that has the ability to evoke Wonder repeatedly, each time something new because the moment of viewing it is new. That only happens when the right brain allows the creation, composition, colour, balance, the left brain succeeds in wielding the equipment correctly, and “I” can get out of the way of the process – leaving room for something else to express. Then I find the image in my camera later, and bring it out to share; and in doing so let go of it, so your sense of Wonder can be your own.

PremanandaPremananda was born in England of Polish parents (remember Osho’s many Polak jokes?). He took sannyas in 1975, worked with Deeksha and Sagar in the kitchens and with Punya in the Bakery. On the Ranch he was mostly seen high up in the cab of a truck. After the Ranch closed he remained in the States. He now lives in California with a couple of cameras, several computers and a great view –  and takes advantage of computer skills learnt in his Internet Service business to enhance his photographic creativity.

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