Prabodh Gitam


Gitam left his body on 30th November 2011

From Devakrishna we hear that Prabodh Gitam (Blackley) left his body yesterday, 30th November 2011. His friends recently organised a farewell party to celebrate his life. He had been suffering from a brain tumour.


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There you fly high, Geetam Ji. Thanks for having been a real friend and a fellow traveler. I will always remember your warm accepting heart and your laid back, friendly style and all the wild years in Indian Village. Easy and free you will always be, beloved,
Ma Atmo

Alles Liebe, Ghitam und Gute Reise. Love

Was so very fond of our brilliant astrological interpreter, Gitam. His openness and sharing of cosmological insights often touched me and I was always grateful to see him. He took pains to make a lovely chart for me and to go in depth into what the aspects might mean, especially in terms of a ‘spiritual journey’. In my heart, I imagined I might see him once again, at least I hoped so. The last time was in 1995, I believe, in Pune. He was often in black robe then, teaching. And was sorry when news reached me that we never did meet again. So fly high, beloved Gitam… I feel you are sharing your quiet elegance and knowledge of the cosmos with the angels.

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