I had to leave town again

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (15)



On returning from the meditation camp
I had to leave town again.
I returned only last night but I thought of you
all the time.

I cannot forget the thirst for God
I saw in your eyes
and the striving for truth in your heart.
This is a blessing because no one can attain
without passing through this anguish.

Remember, thirst is a prerequisite
for the birth of light and love.
Together, light and love are God.
When love has no limits
its flame becomes smokeless
and so divine.
I have seen the seeds of this growth within you
and it fills my soul with great joy.
The seed is there, now it has to become a tree.
It could be that the time is at hand.

God-realization cannot happen without meditation
so you must turn towards this now
with courage and perseverance.
I have great hopes – will you fulfill them?

My regards to other friends there.
I wait for your letter.
Remember what I said about the blank paper?
Everything else is fine.
I am in bliss.

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