Freedom from Oppression

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A spontaneous music mix by Amareesh for Iranian friends.

Amareesh wrote to us in response to the recently published discourse by Osho, Protests Cannot Save the Universe. He commented, ”Yes. No question as to agreeing or disagreeing. And yet it’s quite a point of view in contrast to the many upheavals in the Middle East for example… who wouldn’t support those mostly young and freedom longing people, for instance in Iran? When Iranian friends of mine suffered, I felt the vibes and instantly mixed a YouTube spot for them… but without intending to join that movement in any other way than spontaneously. Yet the call of so many remains: “Can you help us more?” and I don’t know what to say. Isn’t this something many people feel?”

Amareesh further said, “These people are tremendously ready for Osho, more than you might be able to imagine… their life is at stake and their thirst for understanding is great.”

AmareeshAmareesh played music in Buddha Hall for many years and published several albums playing together with Hari Prasad Chaurasia. Nowadays he lives half the year in South India and rarely plays publicly. Together with Shola he conducts Meditours through pristine forests and sanctuaries, simply encouraging the trekkers to let the forest be their meditation teacher.

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