What you say has made me very happy

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (16)


Osho's hands

I received your letter.
What you say has made me very happy.
Words that come out of the depth and fullness of heart
echo the infinite
just as a tiny flower expresses infinite beauty.
When love breathes life into words
what is expressed is not what is said
but what wants to be said.
Inside each of us there is a poet,
there is poetry,
but because we live on the surface
these are never born.

Those who go deep
awaken divine love
and this love fills their lives
with music, beauty, peace and poetry –
their very lives become music
and on to this stage truth descends.

Truth will descend where there is music
so life must be turned into a melody.
Only through music can one reach the truth.
You too have to become music,
the entire life, every little act,
has to be turned into music:
this happens through love.

Whatever is – love it.
Feel love for the whole world.
Feeling love for all with every breath
brings the inner music.
Have you ever seen this happen?

See this,
fill yourself with love and see.
Whatever breaks up the inner music –
that alone is irreligion, that alone is sin,
and whatever fills us with music –
that is religion, that alone is religion.
Love is religion
because love is beauty,
love is music.
Love is God
because it is all that is needed to attain Him.

Give my love to everybody there
and feel the light of my love beside you.

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