Horoscope February 2012


Neptune, god of the seas, has arrived in Pisces where he will remain until the beginning of 2026. In his own realm of visions, fantasies, ideals, mysteries and mysticism, there is no clear outline; here, all and nothing are the same, there is neither time nor space, no here and no there.

Aquarius - Pisces symbol

Sun 11° Aquarius – 11° Pisces
Moon 20° Taurus – 10° Gemini
Mercury 7° Aquarius – 28° Pisces
Venus 21° – 25° Pisces
Mars, retrograde 23° – 15° Virgo
Jupiter 3° – 7° Taurus
Saturn, retrograde from the 8th 29° Libra
Chiron 4° – 6° Pisces
Uranus 2° – 3° Aries
Neptune 30° Aquarius – 1° Pisces
Pluto 8° – 9° Capricorn
North node 11° – 10° Sagittarius
Lilith 5° – 8° Taurus
Full moon, 7th, 21.55h 19° Leo
New moon 21st, 22.35h 23° Pisces

Mood of the Moment

Neptune, god of the seas, has arrived in Pisces where he will remain until the beginning of 2026. In his own realm of visions, fantasies, ideals, mysteries and mysticism, there is no clear outline; here, all and nothing are the same, there is neither time nor space, no here and no there. The Neptunian perspective can show us beauty and truth in art and spirituality; yet in mundane reality Neptune often triggers chaos and powerlessness, indicating that something greater determines our life than we expect. In this sense, Neptune is larger than life itself. We cannot direct Neptunian forces, but we can discover that we are inseparable from them.

We are like waves in the ocean. No wave has a personality. Yes, it has a form, but it is not separate from the ocean. It is one with the ocean, you cannot separate it from the ocean. You cannot take the wave away from the ocean; it will disappear, it will not be a wave at all. It can only be a wave in the ocean, with the ocean.

Osho, The Guest, Ch 14

Particularly during the first half of the month Uranus might bring his dynamic explosiveness to bear – especially in Venus’ domains such as love (all relationships), beauty (fashion, luxury, art, culture), femininity (all women’s issues), sensuality, pleasure, and the balance of powers. Here, radical changes are imminent, often happening out of the blue or all of a sudden proving urgent and inevitable.

AriesAries: In February, it’s all about relationships and especially about your love life. Open yourself up to new impulses, and at the same time commit yourself more deeply than you are used to. Both requires the desire to encounter real adventure, courage and exploratory spirits. You will often notice that you are missing prefabricated concepts and experiences. That may be unpleasant, as it causes uncertainty; but it is also exciting since it brings out the pioneer in you. Discuss things with others – not in order to fight but to learn.

TaurusTaurus: At last it’s finally clear to you: There is so much more to discover! Uranus invites you to embark on new paths, which challenges the ability in a Taurus to go his own way and maybe even distance himself from his familiar herd. With Jupiter the confidence in a higher purpose in life and the possibility of actually finding it grows, while Pluto raises the willingness to break taboos. All this enables you to move resolutely and uncompromisingly towards your actual destiny.

GeminiGemini: The first half of the month is quiet, yet teeming with inspirations. In the second half of February open questions abound. To find answers you now have two unusual possibilities: You can leave the questions be resp. stop the questioning and remain for a while in a mental no man’s land. Or you move to a different level – deeper, where you inquire if underneath a question a different, more fundamental one is concealed or higher, where you view the question in a larger, wider context.

CancerCancer:The dominant fiery energy during the first three weeks in February endows you with enough enthusiasm and joy to set out for new horizons, and simultaneously deepens and expands your understanding. Yet with the Pisces Full Moon on the 19th your goals become blurred and your power is less concentrated. Perhaps you question your entire life’s direction. It is now about staying in the moment to realize what is presently being offered.

LeoLeo: During the first two thirds of this month you have the ability to interact dynamically with the outside, without losing the connection to your heart’s voice. During the last third, however, turn within. Everything mental needs an examination and clearer focus: Thoughts, lessons, ideas, communication structures, language, knowledge. The criterion now is: What is really meaningful? What is essential? With your new insights you can again move outwards by the end of February.

VirgoVirgo: During this month take a very good look at your intentions, actions, and the direction you are targeting. Firstly, ask yourself whether all three fit together in your life. Secondly, be aware of what flows, what gradually makes progress, and what totally stagnates. Observe what is not flowing well – for it possibly needs reworking or maybe has to be let go during summer. Stay aloof and patient and don’t nag about yourself or others. It is too early yet for the big pitch.

LibraLibra: It is about finding radically new ways and trying out new forms of relating. Only you know how your relationships should take shape so that they agree with you. Nevertheless, that which you wish for may also lead into a cul-de-sac. Relationships that don’t challenge you won’t further your development. You meet true love in those people who open up new perspectives for you and blow up your usual boundaries but there must be a joint level of understanding.

ScorpioScorpio: Even if it’s not so easy to open your heart because it presently likes quarrels and confrontations, it is now about togetherness and how to create it. Look for opportunities for interesting and inspiring debates or playful competition. Heated debates can be fun as long as certain rules are followed and it doesn‘t get personal. In the course of the month the energy shifts gradually towards more sensitivity and mutual reconciliation.

SagittariusSagittarius: On the one hand you long to rest in the fullness of existence, on the other hand the insistent desire for the “more-larger-wider-more frequently” won’t leave you alone. That you are searching means that you haven’t found it yet. But it would be about time to determine what exactly it is you are trying to find, and how to go about discovering it. Even though they seem totally different, both desires have the same goal. The key is that you are searching for something that already exists – but which you constantly overlook.

CapricornCapricorn: Until July arrange for thoroughly preparing and following up things, working methodically and planning every detail ahead, while detecting and leaving behind all that is superfluous. The focus of this clarification process should be your inner, your attitudes and beliefs about yourself, god and the world. In February your relationships are put to the test or it is about a closer look at your love and relationship skills. All those born end of December/beginning of January are now going through the most intense transformative experiences.

AquariusAquarius: First it’s about displaying an unmistakable stand in all your relationships. Take responsibility for who you are, where you stand, what you know, think and feel, as well as for what you are striving for. If something is important to you, make that clear and if not, pull out. Give expression to that which usually only goes on inside of you. Dare to step onto the stage of life. During the second half of February it becomes quieter and you can recover from this outgoing active stance.

PiscesPisces: In the next 13 years a solid foundation will be beneficial for you because Neptune in your sign opens infinite space where your self-identity is merely a tiny dot without any real meaning. Only the one being, existence, is of importance, which permeates everything, also the tiny dot of your I. During all these years your body needs a simple and healthy diet, yoga or any other way to align body and spirit, as well as a regular daily routine.


Sitara became a disciple of Osho’s in 1979. She has settled in Germany and for 12 years now, has been writing the horoscopes of the German Osho Times. Astrology has been her passion since childhood, and she has published several books on the subject. She gives personal sessions and also over phone or skype. Moreover, Sitara offers spiritual counselling as well as end-of-life care free of charge. She is currently writing a book about traditional advaita vedanta for Western seekers. www.astro-sitara.de

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