Nature’s Ecstasy and Wings of Life

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Science meets the mystical

This is a subject most of us usually don’t pay much attention to – pollination. Although largely unseen by the naked eye, it happens all around us and is of utmost importance to life on our planet. In this video filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg  shows us the intricate world of pollen and pollinators with tremendously beautiful high-speed images from his film ‘Wings of Life’, which was inspired by the vanishing of one of nature’s primary pollinators, the honeybee.

In an emotional speech Louie Schwartzberg gave last year at one of the laudable TED Talks he said about the movie, “I realized that nature had invented reproduction as a mechanism for life to move forward as a life force that passes right through us and makes us a link in the evolution of life…. Rarely seen by the naked eye, this intersection between the animal world and the plants world is truly a magic moment, it is a mystical moment where life regenerates itself over and over again.”

To watch and listen to Louie Schwartzberg’s TED speech: The hidden beauty of pollination

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