I could feel the ardour of your heart through your words

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (18)


so much love.

Osho meditation camp

I received your letter when I got back.

I could feel the ardour of your heart through your words.


I well know the fervour that stirs your soul

and the thirst that turns into tears within you.

I was once there too, I too have suffered it.

I can well understand your heart

because I have travelled those same paths you now have

to take in the quest for God.

I too have experienced the longing

that one day turns into a raging fire

in which one has to consume oneself.

But this burning brings the birth of a new life.

The drop can only become the ocean

when it ceases to exist.


Continue your efforts in meditation;

you have to go deeper and deeper into it –

it is the only way.

Through it and it alone can one reach life’s truth.



lf you become absorbed in sadhana,

fully committed and surrendered,

you are bound to reach the truth.

This is an eternal law.

No step taken towards God is ever wasted.


My regards to all.


Osho, A Cup of Tea

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