Osho Tops Facebook and Twitter Among Indian Gurus

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Among Indian gurus, Osho tops the list by far in Facebook and Twitter (he is 5 times more popular than the other gurus!)

Like! The new cyber gurus

The Hindu, February 6, 2012

More and more youngsters are discovering their spiritual side, thanks to technology-driven new-age gurus. Nikhil P. Asrani has the details.

The Hindu

I rang up a spiritual organisation to enquire about their seminar. “Please like our Facebook page for more updates,” is the reply I got. Astonished I wondered if I should be thankful to them for being present on these social platforms or thank the technology that makes it possible. We live in a media-saturated and technology-driven world — our thinking patterns, lifestyle, economic structure and virtually almost every social fabric is shaped by technology and media.

No matter which corner of the world you are in, these social media platforms provide a forum for a two-way communication. Our spiritual leaders have left no stone unturned in taking advantage of these platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs.

Jaya Row, founder of Vedanta Vision, says, “Social media enables us to communicate with people all over the world.”

There are many well-known and not so well-known gurus active on social platforms. “I am a businessman and travel the world over. It is through these social networks that I stay in touch with my spiritual side,” says Narayan Reddy.

Distance is no longer a barrier to both the user and the guru. Just like businessmen, diplomats, and politicians, these new-age gurus are also well equipped with swanky gadgets. No matter which part of the world they are in, they make sure they update their messages regularly.

Although there are numerous organisations and leaders active on these sites, the traditional way holds sway. “The spiritual pleasure you get when you visit a shrine or participate in a seminar or have a face-to-face conversation with the guru can never be replaced by these social networking platforms,” says techie Ambalika Saha.

Not just spiritual organisations, social media platforms are also being used by shrines and religious groups.

People may not open a particular website every day, but they undoubtedly log on to Facebook, deliberately or not they are exposed to spiritual thoughts. Priyanka, a Mumbai-based social media expert quips, “Some of these new-age gurus chant prayers, talk about love, happiness, forgiveness and faith, and some post pictures of their events.”

Deepak Goel, founder of Drizzlin Social Media firm, upholds the idea of spiritual gurus using social media platforms. The truth is that social media is changing every aspect of people’s lives.


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