Alleged Plot Against the Pope

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While we were posting St. Malachy’s prophecies, news about a plot to kill the present pope came in.

Associated Press reported a recent constant leak of confidential documents originating from the Vatican; there are rumours about political infighting, corruption, money laundering and – among rumours that the 84 year-old pope seems to be feeling his age – gossip about who the next pope will be is rife.

It is seen as a delicate time for the Pope who is preparing for the crowning on February 18th of 22 new cardinals, also called princes of the church, who will elect his successor once he’s dead.

AP wrote:

The most explosive story to hit newsstands came on Friday: reports that the Vatican had received a confidential letter last month from a top Vatican official describing how an Italian cardinal visiting China had spoken about a presumed plot to kill Benedict this year. The document also said the pontiff was grooming Milan’s archbishop as his successor.

The Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, dismissed that report as “so completely beyond reality and hardly serious that I don’t even want to consider it.”

Throughout history, the Vatican has been involved in plots, treason, witch hunts, perversions, sex scandals and murder. Time will tell, time will tell…


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