St. Malachy’s Prophecy


More than 850 years ago, St. Malachy predicted the names of all future popes with uncanny accuracy. Now, in 2012 there is only one more future pope on his list to be elected…

St. Malachy was the Archbishop of Armagh who reformed and reorganized the Irish Church and brought it into subjection to Rome; he was a zealous reformer and a promoter of monasticism.

In 1139, he went on a long and harrowing journey to Rome. When he finally sighted the eternal city he fell to the ground and uttered cryptic Latin phrases, each signifying the future destiny of the Popes. The manuscript that was written was locked in the labyrinth of the Vatican and the Church authorities declared it to be fraudulent when it was unearthed in 1595. However, the content of the prophecies is remarkable and chillingly accurate.

Arjuna (John Hogue) examined the context of St. Malachy’s life, his pilgrimages and his miracles. He presents a fascinating account of the fates of the Popes and eight hundred years of Catholic prophecy – including those of contemporaries, St. Hildegard von Bingen, Joachim de Fiore and the 16th-century Catholic seer, Nostradamus, whose vision of the papal succession closely resembles that of St. Malachy.

In this first complete study of the prophecies in over a hundred years, Arjuna brings his expertise to new revelations regarding the authenticity of the Latin mottoes. As the Roman Catholic Church continues to witness an eclipse in papal power, this masterly work uncovers the truth about St. Malachy’s prophecies and reveals their significance as an account of the papal progression, which Vatican policy makers have found too threatening to acknowledge.

During the last persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there shall sit Peter of Rome, who shall feed the sheep amidst many great tribulations, and when these have passed, the City of the Seven Hills shall be utterly destroyed, and the awful Judge will judge the people.

We recently contacted Arjuna and asked him to provide further insight to ‘incite’ more controversy about what the prophecies of a last pope might actually mean; especially now, as the current pope seems under a cloud of scandal. This is what Arjuna had to add:


St. Malachy prophesied an end to the Roman Catholic Church and predicted the fates of the Popes until Judgment Day. After John Paul II died, German Cardinal Ratzinger took his place as Benedict XVI.

As John Paul’s Prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith (a religiously bureaucratic euphemism for the pope’s Grand Inquisitor), Cardinal Ratzinger offered the Reagan administration whatever help it could to persecute Osho in America and was pivotal in influencing the Italian government in preventing Osho from entering Italy during his world tour in 1986. Ratzinger ensured that petitions by Italian born sannyasins to grant a tourist visa to Osho were rejected, so that Osho’s frequent calls for a debate with John Paul on religion would not take place on Italian soil.

Ratzinger succeeded Pope John Paul in April 2005. Since then, he has taken his place on the Throne of St. Peter as the 111th, and second to last pope before St. Malachy’s presaged Judgment Day.

There has been a long held belief among monks of the most ancient of monastic orders, the Benedictines, that a Benedictine pope would herald the beginning of the tribulations before the Apocalypse. Ratzinger took the name of its founder, St. Benedict; he is not of that order, though he sees himself as championing St. Benedict’s call to conservative dogma and religious discipline that strengthened the early Church during a time of trials under the Dark Ages. Benedict XVI believes we are entering such a potentially dark time again.

In the prophecy, St. Malachy gives the pope a Latin motto that is telling on this matter. He is De gloria olivae (From the Glory of the Olive). The Benedictines have a subsidiary order of monks known as the Olivetans. Their spiritual task is to prepare the world for the apocalyptic times Jesus himself recorded while speaking to his disciples on the Mount of Olives, just before his crucifixion. Here is an excerpt:

Take care that no one misleads you. For many will come claiming my name and saying, “I am the Messiah”; and many will be misled by them. The time is coming when you will hear the noise of battle near at hand and the news of battles far away; see that you are not alarmed. Such things are bound to happen; but the end is still to come. For nation will make war upon nation, kingdom upon kingdom; there will be famines and earthquakes in many places. With all these things the birth-pangs of the new age begin. (Matthew 24: 4-8)

Jesus sets the mood of what Catholic interpreters of prophecy call the times of spiritual crisis in the Roman Catholic Church, the Apostasy. This then is followed by breakdown of civilization into wars and famines. This is the kind of global chaos foreseen by 16th-Century prophet, Michel Nostradamus, in his famous prophecy about a final Antichrist: there would be an “unraveling” of animal and man. It is as if the natural balance of earth and climate was a key portend of the coming collapse of human civilization as we have known it.

It certainly sounds like what is happening to the world today, the world under Benedict XVI. And under his reign, there has been scandal and “apostasy” in his Church shaking its foundations. As Pope John Paul’s “Grand Inquisitor” Benedict was responsible for suppressing information about decades of widespread sexual abuse of boys by priests around the world.

It would seem that “De gloria olivae” has become the “Olivetans’ pope of a church in the opening stages of an apostasy. Rumors are surfacing that there is a growing power struggle inside the Vatican’s fortress walls – that Pope Benedict may not be long for this world, or that he might even resign his post as pilot of a bark of pontificacy, marred by sex scandals, that has run aground, requiring a new pope.

Whether this is just Internet clap trap or a real effort to force him out, at his advanced age Pope Benedict cannot long remain. The odds are that we are perhaps a year or two, no more than five years away, from seeing the Roman Catholic Church choose what will be St. Malachy’s “Last Pope” before apostasy turns to apocalypse.

Petrus Romanus is his motto: Peter of Rome. And he shall feed his flock when the city of the Seven Hills (Rome) is destroyed and the awful “Judge” judges the world.

(Jesus Christ! Catholic prophets are so serious!) Prophetic hyperbole often is our breathless council when living on the dark side of the future’s unopened door to tomorrow. There are other Catholic seers, near medieval contemporaries of St. Malachy, such as Joachim de Fiore, who see the coming apocalypse as a “revelation”. The Church, Pope, and priesthoods as middlemen to God are no longer needed in the coming “Age of the Holy Spirit” because humanity has a direct line with godliness incarnate.

A list of the last 8 popes shows the amazing details of Malachy’s prophecies…

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ArjunaAs a very successful author Arjuna is sought-after for radio and TV talks shows. His most successful book so far, ‘Nostradamus and the Millennium’ sold 700,000 copies and was translated into nine languages. Arjuna presently lives in the Pacific Northwest on Whidbey Island, USA and welcomes e-mails from fellow travelers.

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