Horoscope March 2012


March: an intense month with enormous potential, introducing a paradigm shift in various areas of our lives.

Pisces - Aries

Sun 11° Pisces – 12° Aries
Moon 10° Gemini – 24° Cancer
Mercury, retrograde 12th 28° Pisces – 24° Pisces
Venus 25° Aries – 27° Taurus
Mars, retrograde 15° – 5° Virgo
Jupiter 7° – 13° Taurus
Saturn, retrograde 29° – 27° Libra
Chiron 6° – 7° Pisces
Uranus 3° – 5° Aries
Neptune 1°– 2° Pisces
Pluto 9° – 10° Capricorn
North node 10° – 8° Sagittarius
Lilith 8° – 12° Taurus
Full moon, 8th 9.41h GMT 8° Virgo
New moon, 22nd 14.38h GMT 2° Aries


Mood of the Moment

With the three-time encounter between Mercury and Uranus in hands-on Aries, it is now about planning and tackling new projects. The necessary learning process for this continues until the end of April. Beware of a tendency to think sloppily out of impatience, to speak rashly and to act in haste. Also our capacity to cooperate will be tested, as the egocentric impulse at any time to just ”follow one’s own energy” will ultimately thwart any joint ventures.

In the middle of the month there will be an energetic climax, which is also embedded in a longer process (end of last October until beginning of June). Jupiter, Venus, Lilith, Pluto, Mars and the Moon participate in this month’s big trine, affecting relationships, sexuality and sensuality, women’s issues, sports, creativity, finance and an expansion of the horizon on all levels. In these areas we will easily bring about an enormous deepening and expansion. It pays to be active but final results are likely to take a little longer. Now is the time, however, to sow seeds or at least intensely cultivate what has been sown in late autumn. We can happily look forward to the outcome!


AriesAries: Over the next two months, focus on Mercury issues such as communication, learning, and cognition. Here you will discover new ways or new fields of interest. This applies to both preserving your uniqueness in thought and speech but also to open up to a change of perspective. Don’t get stuck in old ideas but allow your eyes to be opened for new ways of looking at things. In March it is all about becoming aware on which assumptions your attitude is actually based on.


TaurusTaurus: The beginning of the month is a little bumpy, but then there will be an enormous increase in strength and courage. Your trust in life grows on all levels, you literally become larger within and without, supported by a deep readiness and capacity for transformation. Your whole life is carried by optimism, love, and self-confidence – debilitating emotional and behavioral patterns have little chance now. You measure yourself and others against high standards, while remaining kind and humane.


GeminiGemini: Until the end of April you are in a process of renewal and liberation. On all sorts of levels you make yourself independent of limiting perspectives or circumstances while wrestling to find your own new position – physically, emotionally, mentally. To begin with, during the first half of the month you will be given the theme that is relevant for you. In the second half of the month old patterns will be processed that are in the way to liberation. Friends can especially lend you a helping hand now.


CancerCancer: It is high time for a little spring therapy! Turn to your body, change your diet, and throw winter out of your system! Your flat could also do with some rearranging or a more jazzy coat of paint. Doing that will be your way of preparing for a new beginning in the last third of the month which primarily affects your world of ideas. Change your attitude, especially towards those areas of life you are not satisfied with. Your thought patterns are stuck here and need a renewal.


LeoLeo: Your dynamic energy and your organizational skills can now become more effective if you make an effort to be more realistic in your assessment of space and time. For example, how about first concentrating on what is clearly feasible and expand later. In case you tend to misjudge situations find out why and practice thinking ahead. From the 20th onwards new creative solutions and new viable ways open up; avoid power struggles and think generously.


VirgoVirgo: The big question is: What do you really want? In which direction is your life supposed to go, what are you willing to put in, what are you prepared to leave behind? In the middle of the month you can fall back on your realizations of the past weeks, being in a position to take forceful steps. You are acting in harmony with both yourself and others while following your innermost intuition and supreme insight. In the last third of the month you could place obstacles in your own way, because your thinking is too complex.


LibraLibra: This March is quite harmonious even if it may bring a little too much gravity for your taste. It is about the sensual realm. Rejoice in nature, in colours and forms, beautiful words, paintings and sculpture, but also in good food and your body. Allow yourself to be pampered and to pamper others. No fear about sensual delights! They reinforce impressions and give you pleasure but don’t have the power to take possession of you if you don’t permit them. Surrender and remain alert.


ScorpioScorpio: Be true to yourself. This is a month that brings you in touch with your immense strength; in fact you are the only one who is not quite convinced of it. All others have since long recognized it. Be alert and sincere, follow the energy and your heart – and you will find yourself again in the midst of the infinite abundance of being. You might even discover that you are this very abundance. Your gateway is love – revealing to you the profoundest depths, the ultimate heights – but not until you disappear in it will it fulfill itself.


SagittariusSagittarius: Relax. You really don’t need to do anything to make life even more perfect. Since it is already perfect all your doing can only create disturbances. Whatever comes to you now without effort and stress – accept it and enjoy it. Don’t set any conditions; life is waiting for you with a huge grab bag, receive the presents and bestow to others. What matters now is simply participating with your heart, without any compromises.


CapricornCapricorn: In March it’s about relationships. In a rather cautious and complicated manner you sort of tip-toe your way into the month because you believe that you are not getting what you deserve. But by mid-month your fears will evaporate. Ride the wave of trust, love and commitment that invites you to leave the old behind. Transformation is easy now and change comes about effortlessly, simply because the time is ripe for it. Even pain can be okay because it is a natural expression of your humanity.


AquariusAquarius: Your strength lies in the thought process and analysis, while in your actions you often lack in commitment, determination, and confidence. For the next two weeks you will be undergoing a process that shows you how both can work with one another. Your idea that non-doing is tantamount to neutrality will be replaced by the realization that non-doing does have an effect and can cause damage. In March free yourself of the habitual search for a neutral position and take a stand.


PiscesPisces: You can beat some unpleasant obstacles you are coming across now but often you lack the suitable tools to overcome them. Don’t be impatient even if others may urge you for fast results. Don’t let yourself be pressured but remain in your heart and don’t fight them – neither the others, nor the obstacles, nor yourself. Grant these processes the time they need. From the last third of March it is about facing a mental clarification that will last until mid-April.




Sitara became a disciple of Osho’s in 1979. She has settled in Germany and for 12 years now, has been writing the horoscopes of the German Osho Times. Astrology has been her passion since childhood, and she has published several books on the subject. She gives personal sessions and also over phone or skype. Moreover, Sitara offers spiritual counselling as well as end-of-life care free of charge. She is currently writing a book about traditional advaita vedanta for Western seekers. www.astro-sitara.de


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