Music and Time


In Michael Wende’s film, musicians of the Berlin Philharmonic talk about the perception of time while playing music, that time stops on occasion – the experience of a time vacuum – and one experiences totally the now, felt by everybody present.



If you have some aesthetic sense, then some aesthetic experience will give you the taste. Seeing a sunset, if you have the heart of a painter, the heart stops; you start missing beats. The sun is setting, just falling and falling… and a moment more and it will be gone. And all that colour in the clouds, and all that sublime beauty! And the birds returning back to their homes, and the silence settling on the earth, and the trees getting ready to go to bed, and the whole of nature saying goodbye to the sun…. If you have the aesthetic heart, if you are a poet or a painter or a musician, if you know what beauty is, if you are affected by beauty, not so-so but tremendously, if beauty gives you awe – then you will know what herenow is.

Or listening to music it happens sometimes. There is nothing more meditational than music. Or if you can play some instrument yourself, then it is far better – because listening you remain on the periphery; playing you are at the centre. If playing some instrument – playing a flute or sitar or guitar – and you are lost into it, absolutely lost into it, time stops, mind is no more there, a Buddha moment arrives, and you know what herenow is.

Osho, Walk Without Feet, Fly Without Wings and Think Without Mind, Ch 3, Q 1


Credit to Deva Rupa

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