Dedicated to the Mother Goddess by Adityo


A mix by DJ Adityo

This mix is part of a big ‘coming back’ to my most precious way of communicating my inner with the world. This one is through ‘beatless’ songs taken from many musicians and remixed using Traktor 3pro. I did not take notes of all the tracks I have used for this very ambient mix but will try to remember them all. I thank for this mix: TIP from ‘The Mystery Of The Yeti’ album, Aeolian String Ensemble, Arfumeur de Ciel, Aura Yel’s ‘Mera Dil’, Cammilon’s ‘Journey On The Moon’ intro, Steve Roach’s ‘This Life’, Adham Shaikh & Tim Floyd’s album ‘Drift’, Klaus Schulze & Lisa Gerrard’s album called ‘Farscape’, MLO’s album called ‘IO’, Pete Namllok’s album called ‘Season’s Greetings Winter’.


AdityoI have been DJing for over 20 years. Right after my second Osho Festival at the Ranch I was traveling with a few friends around Québec and at a club next to a cool youth hostel I was asked to DJ. So this is how it all started! For many years I would mix at Osho centers or at the Zorba Café in Montreal and then began DJing in clubs. In the 90’s it all changed with trance parties in and around Montreal, and also Vancouver. I had a gig at the ‘Return to The Source’ New Year’s party in London in 1999. After 2000 I took a long needed break and decided to go within, get healthy and have a simpler life. Actually it decided itself when I met Sashi, my now girlfriend, in Pune. Now refreshed, I feel enormously inspired to DJ again. We see where it goes.

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