No More Nuclear Power!

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The Japanese music band Frying Dutchman organised an anti-nuclear power march on the anniversary of the Fukushima disaster. They were performing “HumanERROR”, an album they had produced six months earlier.

In a stirring, intelligent and passionate outcry (Japanese with English subtitles) it is alleged that the Japanese government – valuing money and economics over the lives of its own people – is worsening the radiation contamination and essentially abandoning the survivors of the disaster.

There are widespread fears among the public that radiation will spread all over Japan through the transport of radioactive rubble and the contamination of food, while the media is feeding propaganda to the public to cover up the horrendous implications not only for Japan but for the entire globe.

The group is calling upon the Japanese to wake up and turn away from nuclear power (Japan has 59 power plants) and to use the incredible natural power resources and technology for them that Japan already has developed.

What is happening in Japan is equally important for every country on our planet, and in particular for those who are also relentlessly pursuing nuclear power and weapons – seemingly blind-folded.

This is a call for courage and to change the world without violence: “No matter how many detours we make or how many times we are reborn, the goal remains the same – love! … We believe that revolution begins when people’s hearts unite.”

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