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You might be thinking the way you act, the way you live, the way you communicate is perfectly normal. It appears this is not so if you live in the US of A and maybe soon also in other countries… – article by Bhagawati.

When in November 2002 I heard about the creation of the Department of Homeland Security in the USA, a nasty feeling chill ran down my back, figuratively speaking. I just knew instinctively what this implied and there I was witnessing a historical repeat act…knowing what the set-up of a very similar department during the thirties in Germany had led to.

So now under the auspices of this Homeland Security, people are being asked to report suspicious activities, calling upon the populace to be vigilant wherever they are – airports, restaurants, coffee shops, football stadiums, movies – and report it in through the ‘Communities Against Terrorism’ program, launched by the FBI and the DOJ. Just a phone call is required.

In an article published in the Economic Policy Journal, a reference is made to “a collection of 25 flyers produced by the FBI and the DOJ that are distributed to local businesses in a variety of industries to promote suspicious activity reporting. The flyers are not released publicly, though several have been published in the past by news media and various law enforcement agencies around the country.”

Terrorist ID Chart
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For detailed images and texts of the flyers see here

The FBI flyers include a disclaimer following the list of terrorist behaviors, right above the Anti-Terrorism Tip Line number:

NOTE: It is important to remember that just because someone’s speech, actions, beliefs, appearance, or way of life is different; it does not mean that he or she is suspicious.

Here is a list of 85 activities you better refrain from because they might get you on a DHS terrorist watch list. What fun! A new action game!


  1. Use Google Maps to find your way around a strange city.
  2. Use Google Maps to view photos of sports stadiums.
  3. Install online privacy protection software on your personal computer.
  4. Attempt to shield your computer screen from the view of others.
  5. Shave your beard, dye your hair or alter your mode of dress.
  6. Sweat.
  7. Avoid eye contact.
  8. Use a cell-phone camera in an airport, train station or shopping mall.
  9. Seek to work alone or without supervision.
  10. Appear to be out of place.
  11. Have bright colored stains on your clothing.
  12. Be missing any fingers.
  13. Emit strange odors.
  14. Travel an “illogical distance” to do your shopping.
  15. Have someone pick you up from a beauty supply store.
  16. Be nervous.
  17. Be a new customer from out of town.
  18. Use a credit card in someone else’s name.
  19. Chant environmental slogans near construction sites.
  20. Enter a construction site after work hours.
  21. Rent watercraft for an extended period.
  22. Make comments involving radical theology.
  23. Make vague or cryptic warnings.
  24. Express anti-U.S. sentiments.
  25. Purchase a quantity of prepaid or disposable cell phones.
  26. Leave store without preprogramming disposable phones.
  27. Be overly interested in satellite phones and voice privacy.
  28. Ask questions about swapping SIM cards in cell phones.
  29. Ask questions about how phone location can be tracked.
  30. Rewire cell phone’s ringer or backlight.
  31. Express out-of-place and provocative religious or political sentiments.
  32. Purchase a police scanner, infrared device or 2-way radio.
  33. Act impatient.
  34. Drive a vehicle that appears to be overloaded.
  35. Depart quickly when seen or approached.
  36. Be a person “acting suspiciously.”
  37. Make illegible notes on a map.
  38. Take photos of the Statue of Liberty or other “symbolic targets.”
  39. Overdress for the weather.
  40. Ask questions in a hobby shop about remote controlled aircraft.
  41. Demonstrate interest that does not seem genuine.
  42. Request specific room assignments or locations at a hotel or motel.
  43. Arrive at a lodging with unusual amounts of luggage.
  44. Refuse cleaning service.
  45. Avoid the lobby of a hotel or motel.
  46. Remain in your hotel or motel room.
  47. Leave your hotel for several days, then return.
  48. Leave behind clothing and toiletry items.
  49. Park your vehicle in an isolated area.
  50. Be observed switching a cell phone SIM card.
  51. Be observed using multiple cell phones.
  52. Make notes that are illegible to passersby.
  53. Communicate through a PC game.
  54. Download “extreme/radical” content.
  55. Exhibit preoccupation with press coverage of terrorist attacks.
  56. Wear a backpack when the weather is warm.
  57. Speak to mall maintenance personnel or security guards.
  58. Make racist comments.
  59. Mumble to yourself.
  60. Pass along any anonymous threats you may receive.
  61. Discreetly take a photo in a mass transit site.
  62. Arrive with a group of people and split off from them.
  63. Demand “identity privacy.”
  64. Appear to endorse the use of violence in support of a cause.
  65. Make bulk purchases of meals ready to eat.
  66. Arrive in America from a land where militant Islamic groups operate.
  67. Take a long absence for religious education or charity work.
  68. Travel to countries where militant Islam rules.
  69. Study technical subjects that would aid a terror operation.
  70. Work in a field that “serves as a cover for preparing for an operation.”
  71. Exhibit ire at global policies of the U.S.
  72. Balk at providing “complete personal information.”
  73. Provide multiple names on rental car paperwork.
  74. Receive an unusual number of package deliveries.
  75. Replace rental property locks without permission.
  76. Modify your property to conceal storage areas.
  77. Fail to pay rent for a storage unit in a timely manner.
  78. Inquire about security systems at your storage facility.
  79. Place unusual items in storage units or dumpsters.
  80. Avoid contact with rental facility personnel.
  81. Access storage facilities an unusual number of times.
  82. Request deliveries of items directly to a storage unit.
  83. Be part of a group requesting identical tattoos.
  84. Request tattoos that could conceal extremist symbols.
  85. Fly while appearing to be Muslim on September 11 of any year.


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