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Upavas’ first interpretation of ambient down tempo electronic music.


UpavasUpavas’ first enconter with a guitar was at age 6, and at 7 Osho came into his life while he was living with his parents in a rural commune in Germany. At age 14 he took sannyas in Purvodaya and at 17 he finally met the master in January 1987 in Pune. A true sannyas kid! In 2002 he began writing electronic music and in 2007 he completed his studies in sound design for visual media at a film school in Vancouver, Canada. He released three dance music EPs before creating the full ambient album ‘Solar Energy’.


Listen to two tracks of this CD in our Music section: Solar Energy / Going In
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Solar Energy by UpavasReviews

Trance music is mainly known for parties. Upavas though, has created a fantastic blend of Trance and World Music. One can dance or just dream away with the soundscapes he created in his newest album, Solar Energy. I seldom listen to one album and love it from the beginning to the end! Music is joy and life and the tracks not only blend fantastically with my surroundings but also take me into the vast landscape of life, the universe and everything ! Solar Energy is a meditative and dancing journey into what brings joy: beautiful music.

Satyam Vinaya

Before I was approached by Upavas who introduced me his new CD I had never listened to anything called ‘ambient down tempo electronic music’. My territory was rather what my musician friends (of more or less my age) had been creating: fusion, new age music.

What I enjoy in ‘Solar Energy’ is the spaciousness in the background despite the tight rhythms in the foreground. This combination reminds me of Nivedano’s Oshoba, the high energy music with the samba rhythms – with the spacey violin pads and the high-flying solos on the flutes or the electric guitar. Despite all the sounds crossing over my head from one earphone to the other, at the base of it there is always a deep sense of stillness and silence, as contradictory as this may sound. Well done. Can’t wait to get hold of the second CD!

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