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A new fitness magazine has been launched in Germany, called ‘Loox’.

looxIn a recent interview, the independent publisher of the magazine, Rainer Schaller said that the actual idea for the magazine was born in India while he was travelling. When the interviewer asked him if the journey had been boring or inspiring, he answered, “My trips are never boring. I drive by car through the world and have been to almost all countries – I’ve just come from Pakistan and Afghanistan. I generally go to where one doesn’t meet any tourists.” To which the interviewer quipped, “You’ve probably succeeded in Pakistan and Afghanistan …”

Schaller answered, “Yes, one cannot find any tourists there. I love that. Three years ago I travelled to India again and passed by Osho – aka Bhagwan. When I was a kid, I’ve always seen him on television. He is no longer alive but I thought to stop by to look at his meditation center. I spent two days there. On screen one sees video messages from him. He talks about his legacy, his teachings and what he means by this. Analogically, he said the following: “What kind of a God is that who does not permit any other doctrine?” In his view, anyone who has success and is good at what he does, can build up something by himself and become an expert. And I thought to myself, why don’t we do this also in the fitness industry? There is not only one school of thought on the subject of fitness. There are people who have the same goal and can also achieve it, but via different paths. And so, Loox was born. A magazine that does not claim to know the ultimate way, but where many experts can have their say, describe their way, and everyone can choose what suits him better. Depending on whether you want to look good, build up strength, lose weight or successfully run a marathon, for example. With Loox we want to create a platform that allows for many different approaches… “


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