Anupada’s Goa Ink Doodles

Art Gallery

An example of what can come out, playfully, when relaxed on a holiday…


After morning oatmeal and coffee on the cliffs of Arambol I would use the saucer from my coffee cup, the lid from a sugar bowl, or the salt and pepper shakers to trace the circles for my doodles. A cheap paper pad bought at the Dragon Boutique next to the German Bakery in Pune made it easy to hold in my lap and rotate constantly during the doodle. A few moments to still my hand, empty my thoughts, and I would just begin, not knowing where I was going with the drawing. I found it a beautiful experience each morning – splitting my attention between the drawing, sunrise and people starting the day.



Anupada took sannyas in 1979 and now lives happily in Corfu, Greece, participating in the Corfu Buddha Hall scene.

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