Voyages — 06 May 2012

Rama left his body on May 3, 2012

Purushottama writes: “Just wanted to let you know that ‘Big’ Rama was found in his bed lying on his back after not showing up for work in Sedona. (Leave it to Rama to find the ‘Lazy Man’s Guide to Dying!’)


“Before taking sannyas Rama had a bookstore in Maui. In Poona 1 he worked with Pratima and the books in the godown and later became a samurai. In Rajneeshpuram he was one of our Antelope residents and often drove the shuttle down to the Ranch. He was the coordinator of Buddhaghosha (book department) at the Ranch and also was a member of the Peace Force. After the Ranch he worked for sometime with Gangaji and then moved to Sedona to be with Robert Adams who he was very close with.

“Last summer he came over to Prescott from Sedona when he heard that our friend Shakyamuni was visiting. We had a nice lunch. It was a wonderful meeting! (The photos are from that time.)

“He told us a marvelous story where Rama and another sannyasin were going to Bombay, sometime in the late seventies, on printing business and were given an assignment. Amido scribbled down the story so as not to forget it. And here it is:


The Beedi Baba

One day, the Master asked
Two disciples to visit the Beedi Baba

They rendezvoused with Vivek
In front of Lao Tzu house
To obtain directions

They found his shop
“Smoke?” he asked
They nodded
“American?” he asked
Again, assent
All sat in the smoking area

Silence descended
And met silence ascending
Silence unrelated to sound
The silence of another dimension

He left
So did they

What transpired
A mystery

And the Beedi Baba was Nisargadatta Maharaj.


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Rama, you are one-of-a-kind, a devotee of the Truth, and an ornery bugger! Fly high, big fella! You walked your talk!

I shared my house with Rama for a while in the early days of living in Sedona. He was an easy man to have around. A gentle soul, with a quiet, strong presence and a kind heart. So like him to slip away when no one was looking. Fly high, sweet Rama,

Rama was my boss in the godown upteen years ago in the ashram… he knew the perks of relaxation then… he is really relaxing now! Blessings on him!

Rama, You were never afraid to call a spade a fucking spade! Your search for Truth took you to many wonderous places, both inside and out.
Your Heart was even bigger than your body. Farewell old friend.

Rama and I worked for a bit in a gallery in Maui and we had a blast. We also had Sugeet working with us. Three sannyasins in one gallery. Fly high beloved friend,