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The Hamburger Abendblatt (Germany) visited Osho Ayu-Leela Restaurant in Hamburg, Germany.

Lately there has been an increase in media coverage about Sannyas in Germany. Sometimes just a short mention of Osho (with some outdated archive script), but more and more about the activities of his people. Hot on the heels of a report on the Osho Leela Center in Munich, Bertold Fabricius of the Hamburger Abendblatt raves about Indian food caressing the soul – food presented by the Osho Ayu-Leela Restaurant, ‘a spice cosmos’.

He finds the atmosphere soothing for the soul and the food pampering the palate: “Pictures of Bhagwan Osho welcome unobtrusively – founder and Chef Swami Hari Bhakta cooked for twelve years in Poona. He comes from Gujarat, the northwestern coastal state of India, and his recipes hail from his family, especially from his grandfather, a doctor and Ayurvedic cook for the King of Rajasthan.

Osho Ayu-Leela

Credit: Bertold Fabricius/Pressebild.de

“The food at Osho Leela-Ayu is prepared with a multitude of powerful and perfectly balanced spices. Rarely are there fewer than 20, and always freshly ground in a mortar – without any concessions to European blandness. The spiciness, however, is infinitely adjustable, and Ruchira, the practical Danish partner of the Chef, advises lovingly about food choices.”

The writer comments enthusiastically on delectable dishes such as Kathal Masala (Jackfruit), mixed Pakora, Mulligatawni, and the ‘well-seasoned Ayu-Leela Chai. He says, “It almost seems no matter what is being prepared in this lavish, endlessly combinable spice universe, each dish tastes new, different and terrific – the mango chutney for instance, the potentially addictive coriander chutney, or hell-hot pickles. Five variations of typical Indian bread accompany the dishes. The pleasantly relaxed atmosphere inspires reverential and appreciative dining… Mango ice cream and fruit curd, reminiscent of delicate mascarpone is the finale on the menu about which also the King of Rajasthan would be thrilled.”


Hari BhaktaHari Bhakta, 57, is the founder of the restaurant. After twelve years in Poona with Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, who was later called Osho, he went to Berlin in 1990, where he opened the vegetarian “Osho The Buddha” and a meditation center, and three years later he founded the first Ayurvedic restaurant in Germany. Since 2003 he cooks at Mundsburger Damm (close to the river Alster). www.ayu-leela.de



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