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Inner and Outer Journeys – a compilation by Ma Anand Bhagawati

During the last few decades vast numbers of people worldwide left their jobs, families and homes to embark on a journey that turned their lives completely upside down. Do you want to know who those people are? What inspired them to do so? Where did they go? All of them have one thing in common: they felt an inner pull, an overwhelming urge to meet Osho, the most controversial spiritual master known throughout the ages.

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Every single story in this book has triggered tears – blissful tears from my heart; a magic phenomenon, so uniquely associated with a great Master. Each account reflects a precious life story of a fortunate seeker. This book is a historical report of a blessed ere in the history of human evolution.

Swami Veet Chitten (Thomas Hoehne), clinical psychologist, India


I waltzed along with all the stories in one go and emerged all dizzy…or doped…

It’s a wonderful book, and I’m glad to have read it, it has a good diversity of different stories told by different people from all layers of society…

And I was impressed by the clarity of the introduction as well as delighted by the many photographs; Yatri’s cartoons fit well with the whole content of the book… it was a real treat!

Navyo, England


Thank you for such a wonderful book, Bhagawati!! I seem to find time every day to read a little and it brings up some pretty amazing memories … these stories awaken that special something which we (sannyasins) all have experienced  around Osho…ness.

Shantam, Canada

I have been reading your book and enjoying the stories. I didn’t know much at all about Osho, and reading the personal stories has made quite an impact on me. I think the world needed Osho at the time people were discovering him en masse; there was a huge shift in consciousness that was necessary for the changes that came about, both within people, within relationships, families and communities, with the roll-on effects still happening today, years later.  When I look at Fremantle and see the contributions that the Sannyas community have brought to the place (and still do), I feel thankful and lucky to be here.

Judith Hall, Australia

Finally I received the book. It is incredible! The stories simply touch one’s heart. The stories accurately convey the spirit of that time and now I see how many people had similar experiences compared to mine. I keep on reading and won’t let it out of my hands!

Prem Homa, Germany

I just received a copy of ‘Past the Point of No Return’. I found it thrilling in the way it shed the light on each and everyone of you ‘sannyasins’ and how your destiny led you to the master… what I loved most is this deep gratefulness you all express in one way or another….

Rumi described it perfectly when he said:

Circle the Sun, you become a sun,
Circle a Master and you become one.
You’d be a ruby, if you danced around this mine.
Dance around him, you’ll glitter like gold.

Mona Darwich, Lebanon

Yes the book has arrived and thank you so very much for it.  It is a real treat.  It’s delightful to read all those stories, really of a very special fortunate, privileged in its way, of a time in each of our lives, a time of great promise and hope.  “Bliss was it to be alive then, but to be young very heaven” I sometimes think of, especially when I reflect on options today.  I have just got as far as your own account – we never talked of the parallels in our stories, the importance of those therapy groups in creating openings inside. All these threads linking us all together – that does make me wonder about past life connections.  So it is giving me much joy and cause of reflection.

Devopama, England

What happened to those long-haired, freaked-out, idealistic, revolutionary and non-conformist generation of the Sixties and Seventies who came in hundreds of thousands to seek peace and solace with Bhagwan, now called Osho?

You have answered this question in their words in a marvelous collection of their love affair that is still very much alive and powerful. You have compiled their longings, adventures and ecstasy with their spiritual master in very human terms of these lovers who are very much alive and well even after 30 or 40 years and their love for their master is undiminished.

Here are ‘first person’ emotional stories for everyone to read and experience that first real love, the first meeting, the first heart throbbing and the first thrill. In addition to the stories, I enjoyed the cartoons that provide a laugh.

Thanks for all this effort over so many years so that we can all share these true life stories and no one can say that The Orange People came on the scene and faded away…

Kul Bhushan, India

I smiled with a warm glow in my heart when I read your story. It is lovely to recognize how Osho just keeps on flowing to and from the People of the Heart. Your book will be enjoyed by so many who have been reached by Osho and more to come. I’m so glad we are connected regardless of time and distance since we last met…maybe 25 years ago? Wow! It is so mysterious how we all feel the love no matter where or when.

Shakyamuni, Vietnam

I am so enjoying your book, bringing so many sweet memories up, and the pure love that caught fire so many years ago and sent me on this wild journey of the heart. The one thing that we all have in common is this total love affair with the Master. Unexplainable and undeniable. What a blessing!

Amana Nova, Indonesia

The book is so beautiful, all these stories are so different and so fascinating, honest and heartwarming (and often even funny!), so miraculous, and all overflowing with all these courageous people’s immense and total love and gratitude for Osho… Reading the book I often have to cry, because of the recognition, I think, because of the unwavering YES!

Antar Paripurn, Australia


Bhagawati is a communicator, writer and author with a penchant for gardening and India.

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