Sweetness by Sambodhi Prem and Sandipa


Take it from the wind, leave it with the sun…

Can something be said about the bird that has just taken off and is finding its way across the sky? How can a small poem written many years ago become a song? There are steps that can never be retraced, like rewinding a thread that was lost long ago… But somewhere there is still an echo that has not died yet…

I’m almost certain that ‘Sweetness’ is about death and love. It takes me from a place of extinction to a place of fulfillment. ‘You never have to ask me who I am’, the song sings, and ‘care for me somehow’… care for me like you would care for a newborn child, and then something is discovered.

‘Sweetness’ is about surrendering to the inevitable, letting go and finding love after a time of dissolving and being without a home…  two guitars blending: the sweet sound of guitar harmony melting into one.

As the song moves towards the listener, it becomes more… a tool that creates silence. It’s often a turning point during our concerts. After this song the sangha is born…

We love to create a space around our music that is full of silence, love and laughter, a music that sounds like the wind weaving its way through the long grasses – where light touches fingertips, falls over stones and tumbles into open spaces – like a river that disappears into the ocean.

Sambodhi and SandipaSambodhi Prem is a devotional singer songwriter, writing from his experiences on the path of meditation and of playing in Osho’s presence. We might remember his song, ‘As the stars in the sky…’ He is also an award winning recording artist (‘Acoustic Instrumental CD of the Year’ 2000 for his album ‘NatureSpace’) and has recorded many instrumental titles, released on European and American music labels. In recent years Sambodhi Prem has returned to playing live and together with Sandipa he plays in concerts. A year ago they released their new album of songs ‘Circle of Light’. More on sacredconcerts.combandcamp.com

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