Rocket Pancakes

Starters & Snacks

Kaiyum’s Zen approach to pancakes.


Rocket (arugula salad)
sharp cheddar cheese
sweet red chilli sauce



Either create your own pancake mix (there are dozens of recipes on the internet) or take it easy and do what I do: buy a ready-made organic whole grain pancake mix.

Now’s the difference, because once you’ve made your (thin) pancakes, fill them with fresh, crispy rocket and sharp cheddar cheese (grated), roll them up and serve with sweet red chilli sauce!

Also, check what vegetable leftovers you may have in the fridge, like a tasty bean dish or ratatouille which you can warm up and use as a filling. Be creative!


You can write to Kaiyum to get his book: Zen in the Kitchen

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